What is Parallax Scrolling Web Design

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You must have read about “Parallax” in Physics which is displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. And when web designers mixed this “Parallax” effect with HTML5 and CSS3 we got Parallax scrolling web design. It is a peculiar scrolling technique wherein background images move slower than foreground images, creating an illusion.

Parallax Websites have become progressively admired lately. We have been discussing a lot about how the web has drastically changed and how our expectations towards a website have risen. Knock Knock! Its 21st century where designers are no more restricted to implement their dreams into design.

Now the questions come ‘When to use a parallax website’?

Well the answer is when you want to represent your website in a story format where users don’t have to click page after page to see content and are engaged only on a single page. This is an impeccable business opportunity for a tech-savvy businessperson who wants to harness the power of the latest technologies to showcase their offerings.

Parallax websites are known for their instant appeal. The slick interlocking elements in parallax scrolling websites naturally flow up and down the page which in turn enhance the user-experience. Another plus point is that it makes updating a website everyone’s cup of tea as all the content for a website is in a single HTML page.

As we know even roses come with thorns, there are few clauses where Parallax designed websites have to compromise. These include limited SEO on single page, page load increases because of heavy images and if parallax scrolling site not used correctly, it might lead to bad UX.

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