What is Link Juice & How it Flows

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In SEO jargon, link juice would be the authority that one website passes to the other. Link juice is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources. This power is interpreted as a vote of recommendation toward your site and is one of the most important factors in determining your site’s search ranking and PageRank.

There are many ways to earn links from the web through direct and indirect efforts. Direct effort refers to link building strategies, such as social bookmarking, blog commenting, guest posting, social media marketing, press release publishing, forum commenting, document sharing and so on. The indirect effort is gained from presenting excellent content on your site that causes readers to share it around the web, linking the pages naturally. The link equity that passes from these sites to your site is the link juice, and this link juice differs in its authority depending on the sites linking to you.

How Does Link Juice Flow

Suppose you have sites A and B. If all other ranking factors are constant and site A has one link while site B has no links, site A will rank higher in search results due to the link juice it receives from the external site linking to it. What happens if site B also gains one link? This depends on the amount of juice each link passes. Look at the diagram below. Site A receives links from four sites while B receives links from two sites. All the linking sites receive link juice from other sites too. Since A receives links from more sites, there is more link juice being transferred to A and consequently A is likely to rank higher than B in search results. Note: These results assume the sites linking to A and B have a similar authority.

The above hypothesis might not hold true because it does not necessarily mean that the more links a website has the more juice it passes. There are other conditions monitoring this as well:

– Site Relevance
– Page rank
– It should not be paid linking which has zero value

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