What is Big Data Analytics ?

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Big data analytics is the process of collection of large amount of data of variety of types (i.e. generally called as ‘Big Data’), organizing and analyzing them to discover the hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. Such information helps in effective marketing and increased revenue.

Big data analytics are basically algorithms which are not much different than simple analytics algorithms which uncover the patterns and correlations. Organization uses real time intelligence to construct more valuable information and then track the relationship between electronic transactions throughout the enterprises.

Big data analytics can be done with tools such as predictive analytics and data mining.

  1. Predictive analytics: It refers to several of statistic techniques that examine the today and historical facts to make prediction about future and other unknown or hidden events.
  2. Data mining: It is the process of finding out the patterns in large data sets which involves number of methods at the intersection of DBMS, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Various tools are selected to handle massive, massy data that best suits for organization goal, timeframe and architecture.

How Netgains can help on Big Data analytics

  • Big data technologies: We provide best tools and techniques that can handle data for your specific goals and architecture.
  • Fast Delivery: We deliver business values early and often
  • Advanced Analytics: We provide sophisticated techniques to extract information and processing them.

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