What Is A Landing Page And How Is It Used?

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Landing page is a web page where visitor arrive by clicking on a search result. To increase the effectiveness of the advertisements landing pages should be linked to social media sites. The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors to customers. Landing pages are used for different purposes like pay per click/marketing campaigns. Landing pages are great way to increase number of visitors and search engine rankings.

The quality of landing page is the most important factor when you are targeting to convert your visitors into customers. If you will deliver quality information on your landing page, visitors will click on your link and start showing interest in you. Make sure that your landing page do not under-deliver visitors expectations. A successful landing page keeps visitors at your site and converts visitors into customers.

Here are six SEO tips for stronger landing page to make a powerful impact on visitors:

1. By creating a compelling headline you will able to grab visitor’s attention that promises a benefit. Try to make your headings short, precise and engaging so that visitors continue to read rest of your content.

2. Do not take risk of losing visitor’s attention by being straight to the point. Make your content interesting, conversational and as brief as possible otherwise you might lose reader’s interest.

3. After reading information, a call-to-action plays important role that tells customers what to do. There are multiple ways through which you guide them. This could be inquiry form, add to cart or check out buttons and make sure that these elements are highly visible to your visitors.

4. Flash intro page may look amazing but try to avoid flash page because it rarely provide the conversions you are looking for.

5. Try to make your sale on the landing page rather than to send visitors all over the place to make action. Start process from the landing page if you want them to buy products.

6. Inbound marketing strategies can also help you to bring traffic to your landing page. It includes email campaigns, special offers, social networks and pay-per-click.

In the end I would say try customizing landing page with aforementioned points and see the difference in conversion rates and leads.

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