Voice Technology and it’s Advantages for Retailers

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In this era of economic challenges, the opportunity to have any efficiency gain and cost-saving is nothing but golden. Consumers have become accustomed to expecting convenience at all costs, in all walks of life. They will not even waste a second before taking their custom elsewhere if they are encountering anything but seamless transactions. And yet, with regulations becoming tighter,  all businesses will have to re-evaluate their approaches to keeping records, data security, transparency, and other consumer-oriented services which can impact them if not managed well.

E-commerce and retail businesses always have it worse because they face a complex set of demands to meet. This is why having voice technology would be highly beneficial for them. If executed well, it could help improve customer service, make savings more efficient across channels. It would deliver a much more friction less and personalized shopping experience for consumers.

Voice Technology
Voice Technology

Friction less Customer Experience

Whether you are browsing products are making purchases, using voice tech has multiple advantages at every step. While communicating with customer service teams, it can be highly helpful at every step of the consumer journey. As we have discussed already, the rise in home-based voice assistants has already made people much more confident in using it. People are using it for many searches. If this tech has entered homes, then it will definitely be expected from brands and businesses. Voice search is definitely a much more convenient option for consumers, and it also gives retailers the opportunity to sell more and understand what people are buying. 

For example, checkout-free shopping has already become popular. From using voice as verification for online payments, it will also have an added benefit of security. An individual’s voice prints is near-impossible to hack, so using these bio metrics to verify someone’s identity is definitely more secure than any method. This will definitely help retailers by making them less susceptible to fraud and aid them in terms of regulation compliance.

The next level of Personalization 

By using highly accurate and natural language-driven algorithms and automated voice recognition tools, retailers are managing to make informed assumptions about age, gender, location, and even the tone of voice of the speaker. This is all valuable data and will enable these retailers to know the consumer from the moment the command is given, even without any prior purchase history or access to digital footprint data. The shopping journeys of these consumers can be instantly tailored to individual consumers, even if they are brand new customers. By delivering more relevant and enhanced user experiences, retail businesses will be able to drive better conversations and retention rates, which will help them in the long run.


Consumer-led change

It has become common knowledge that consumers are more likely to adapt to new technologies than other businesses. It has become a norm with consumers to become early adopters while businesses are left behind in their wake.Voice activated tools have become a necessity these days. Google and Amazon products have already filtered the market and are becoming increasingly popular. People have become accustomed to playing music or ordering takeaway pizzas using only their voices and are getting used to doing so without any devices.

Voice search optimization

Consumers have been typically using voice commerce for re-ordering household goods. Things like laundry detergent and toilet paper take high precedence over more complex purchases like apparel, flight tickets or concert tickets. The problem with highly complex purchases is that people think about how many attributes associated with what they are interested in and how satisfied they will be with the end product. 

This directly affects their lifestyle and so they want to shop online or get their laptop to get a full view of everything that is available. These repeat orders, then, will be beneficial’s for customer service in the long run.

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