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Shopify has recently acquired Checkout Blocks and made its Starter plan free (previously $99/month) to help accelerate Checkout Extensibility upgrades for Plus merchants. This strategic move can provide more advantages and opportunities for the Shopify merchants, those who have opted for the Plus plan. This checkout block does not require higher technical skills, any of the merchants can make customizations on their checkout flow with the help of this tool. 

The merchants can make the checkout process more powerful, engaging, and converting by using this checkout block. In our guide to checkout blocks, merchants can learn about the benefits and importance of checkout blocks and more.

What are Checkout Blocks?

Checkout Blocks in Shopify are the components that can be customized as per merchants’ requirements. These are adjusted or customized to enhance the checkout experience with efficient functionality and branding.

You can insert elements such as Upsells, discounts, additional information, or any other custom content in the checkout flow, providing a personalized and more engaging experience to your customers. With Checkout Blocks, you can make the following additions:

  • Add custom fields and banners
  • Rename, reorder, and conditionally hide payment and delivery options
  • Block unsupported addresses
  • Apply advanced checkout branding
  • Offer custom shipping and order discounts

Benefits of Checkout Blocks

The checkout blocks provide the functionality to customize the checkout flow and it can help the merchants to increase the engagement rate and sales on your website. Here are some key benefits:


In checkout blocks, we can modify the checkout flow based on goals such as:

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Potential customer’s list

Different blocks and functionalities can be added to achieve these goals in checkout flow to elevate the shopping experience and convert the basic customer to your potential purchaser. This includes customized messages, branding elements, and promotions.


The Checkout blocks help to simplify the overall purchase experience of the customer and make the portal more user-friendly for them. The checkout blocks help to reduce the chances of abandoned carts and increase sales. You can create a specific flow by using the customer block to increase the sales on your online store. The merchant can use the checkout blocks to upsell and cross-sell, gift messages, delivery dates/notes at the strategic points in the checkout process. With the customized process, you can encourage more add-to-carts, thereby increasing the average order value.


The Checkout blocks enable the integration of additional features such as multiple payment options, a shipping calculator, and loyalty programs via sign-ups. Shopify Checkout blocks provide flexibility to the merchant to experiment with various layouts based on different goals to amplify the checkout performance.


Checkout blocks in Shopify allow the merchants to provide more accurate address inputs in the checkout flow to get the correct shipping data from the customers. This helps to reduce the errors in shipping leads to faster delivery, and improves the customer’s experience.


The checkout blocks do not require higher technical skills, they offer an easy way to add customization to the checkout flow process without the need for complex coding. This functionality reduces the time to make valuable edits in the flow.


By Updating the checkout flow or process with the checkout block the merchants can easily gather the information based on demographics and user behaviour with the flow. Based on that you can make efficient changes in the flow and can improve your marketing strategies to drive sales.

Why Upgrade Now?

Upgrade to Shopify’s checkout blocks is a strategic move that can enhance the customer’s checkout process, and improve the customer’s satisfaction, boost the conversion rate. With the free Starter plan, there’s never been a better time to upgrade. By August 13, 2024, ensure your client’s checkout process is optimized for performance and user experience. This checkout block helps to stay competitive in the marketing landscape and meet the growing demands of online shoppers.

Get Started Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your client’s checkout experience for free. While the Starter plan is free, there are additional features available at higher pricing tiers to further customize and optimize your checkout process.

Contact us now to get their upgrade done smoothly and efficiently. Ready to take your client’s checkout to the next level? Connect with us today and let’s get started!

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