Top strategies of Google to get the most visibility for your blog posts in 2020

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You put efforts to write content but it might upset you when you’re not able to drive visibility. No issue, Google follow some strategies to make your blog posts more visible and authentic. Google gives you the opportunity to get organic visibility if you follow these algorithms. 

Here are some top strategies followed by Google in 2020:

  1. Blogs should contain a 2% – 3% keyword density: Keyword density plays an important role in the visibility of the blog posts. It maintains the balance of keywords which avoid keyword stuffing as well as keyword scarcity. So, it is important for the writer to know how the keyword density is calculated.

Let me explain with two examples:

First Example:  Good Example

I randomly searched  -” what is best about black coffee”. 

So on the first page of the search result, it shows me one interesting blog – “8 Best Black Coffee Brands”.

Link of the blog to read the benefits of black coffee (

So, the targeted keyword used in this blog is “Black Coffee”. And “ Black Coffee” is repeated 29 times out of 1401 words.

(Note: “Black Coffee” is a keyword that contains 2 words ie. Black+ Coffee). To calculate keywords which have more than one word can be calculated as follow:

Density = ( Nkr / ( Tkn -( Nkr x ( Nwp-1 ) ) ) ) x 100

Density = your keyword density
Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific key-phrase( 29 times)
Nwp = number of words in your key-phrase(2 words)
Tkn = total words in the analyzed text(847 words)

Density = (29/ ( 1401-(29*(2-1))))*100
= (29/ (1401-(29*(1))))*100
=2.1% (Followed google algorithm)

So, you can see the reason behind the visibility of the blog as it follows one of the main Google algorithms for writing content.

Second Example: Bad Example

I chose one more blog (Why You Should Drink Your Coffee Black) that was visible on the 3rd page of the search result.

Link of the blog – (

Here “ Black Coffee” is repeated 20 times out of 1280 words. 

Density = (20/ ( 1280-(20*(2-1))))*100
= 1.5% (It is less than 2%)

Hence proved, that keyword density is one of the main factors of Google to get the most visibility of blog posts.

(Note – You can even calculate the single keyword with the above formula or with the simple formula)

So, if your blog or piece of content is of 500 words and you have used a single keyword (e.g-boots)15 times, the keyword density will be calculated as follow:

Keyword density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100

Density = your keyword density
Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific keyword.
Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

= (15 / 500) x 100
= 0.03 x 100
Keyword density = 3% !!!

2. Add variation to main keywords- Search engines like humans look for a quality-focused, valuable and relevant keyword. While writing a blog post, you can simply focus on one keyword while adding some variations. “8 Best Black Coffee Brands” blog has targeted “ Black Coffee” but added so many variations while following the keyword density.

I hope, you have a better idea, how the targeted keyword (Black Coffee) is used with so many variations.

3. Must use header tags i.e.H1, H2, and H3 tags for writing content:  Google search engine gives importance to the header tags as the crawler gets a better idea of the content while reading theses HTML tags. The main title of your document will be your <H1>, your main points in the <H2> and sub-points in the <H3>. The <H1> tag should contain the most important keyword you want to target in your blog post. The <H2> tag should contain the same keywords which you have used in <H1> tag but add the variation. The < H3> tag is the subheading of <H2> tag and here you can target more keywords that are relevant to your content. So it’s a hierarchy, as above being more important than below.

  1. Italicize, bold, and underline your keyword phrase within your content:- Google prefers to read the content like Humans. Humans are habitual to skim the reading. When these highlights are used in the content, it looks more attractive. So, the reader will pause and pay attention to the highlights. Even the crawler read your content and focus on the highlights. That’s why it is important to use these three highlights in the content.

(You can read this blog to see how they have used this technique-

  1. Must place the keywords in the first twenty- five words and last twenty-five words: Placement of keywords is one of the techniques that is followed by Google. Following these guidelines for a proper keyword, placement shows Google that your keywords are important to content. It also helps you to compete with other blog posts who are not following the Google algorithm properly.

Let’s take an example of one of the Blog Post – “ How to drink Black Coffee( And the best way to enjoy it)

So, here the main keyword is used in the title and placed it in first- five words. This is generally followed by everyone irrespective of knowing Google Algorithms.

Now, this is the trick that is used in the blog. Black coffee(targeted keyword) is used in the last twenty- five words

6. Alt Tags are important for your Blog Post:  Alt tags are also HTML attribute that help web engines to read easily. Never leaves“Image description” blank as you will lose the opportunity to get visibility on search engines. Use your targeted keywords in Alt tags to make your content SEO friendly.

Let me show how “ 8 Best Black Coffee Brands” have used Alt Tags.

  1. Right Click on the image
  2. Select “ Open image on new tab”

You will able to read the image description mentioned in the URL address. The Alt tag is implemented with the targeted keyword(Black Coffee).

Google’s algorithm for blog posts is really important to get organic visibility. These factors are defined to increase visibility and even prevent your content from looking spammy. So, make your blog post successful by following these Google strategies.

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