Sequel 5: About to Start your Ecommerce Store? Read This

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Well, I am on my way to achieve a clear understanding about the vast and lucrative field called Electronic Commerce. Moving swiftly, I have found many obvious things which we often tend to ignore thinking them to be unimportant.

Here are those ecommerce website development essentials:

1. Assuming that your target audience and theirs needs remain static? World is dynamic. It changes every second. Keep yourself updated every moment. Make necessary changes in your plan before implementing it. Your plan should be relevant for a situation that is “Here & Now!”. Your plan should not look stale and outdated.

2. Take an oath today that you will not solely depend upon demographic data and focus group discussions. Don’t think you are dealing with computers. Be sensitive. Think you are dealing with sensible humans and design strategies that they can trust on. Make them feel that they are dealing with humans and not with some insane idiot box. Humanization aspect can add life to your website. In case, you decide to hire an Ecommerce Web Development Service Company, professionals are usually aware of this aspect and can do it for you in an effective way.

3. Your plan says you have to spend fixed amount of money on pay per click marketing, banner ads, e-mail and on print advertising. Sorry, folks this worked well in 1970. These days web users are much more smarter. They use devices like spam mail, pop-blocker and what not. If you try to divert their attention forcefully, you will not succeed. You have to understand that they will automatically come to you if you give them good customer services and good user interfaces, usable online brand, etc. Advertise your shiny widgets right when the consumer wants to buy it. It will save you a lot of time, energy and money.

4. Many marketing experts say that a marketing plan is, by nature, self-defeating. Its rigidity can bash your hopes and aspirations right away as you embark on it. It should be flexible like a playbook. Keep your plan open for options such as timely data checking, re-evaluating results and understanding what consumers want.

I hope I have successfully induced you to pay heed to all these things that seem simple but can devastate your plan and shatter your hopes. While making your marketing plan, you can choose the type of marketing you want to employ from a score of choices. Out of various kinds of marketing technique available I personally like viral marketing. The very fact that viral marketing spreads the message across to the users just like a forest fire makes it interesting. So, next I would talk about Contagious Marketing.

An Effective Marketing Tool: Viral Marketing

Case Study: Secret Of Amazon’s Success

Do you know which technique helped carve its way into the list of largest online shopping destinations??? They used contagious techniques for spreading awareness about their products and services. Amazon inspired its clients to gift books to their family and friends, who received Amazon fliers along with the gifted book. This worked well for Amazon and this how they made many new customers. Not just this, Amazon is also known well for introducing Affiliate Program Model. According to this model, Amazon paid commissions to those online entrepreneurs who placed Amazon banners, buttons, and links on their sites. This resulted in sales and generated revenues. This whole strategy or modus operandi was Viral Marketing.

What’s Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is highly contagious just like virus microbes, probably that’s where it draws its name from. It is like a self-replicating process wherein video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages can be used to promote a brand. Here, marketing can be done through word-of-mouth and networking sites can be used to reach far and wide internet users. E-mail marketing is also a kind of Viral marketing.

Viral Tactics:

1. Viral marketing technique should have ability to proliferate on its own: You can develop an impressive message (your Marketing Mantra) and attach it to a product or a service. So, when customers buy or like your product, they pass on the attached message to their kith and kins.

A thing to be kept in mind:

Customers will pass on your promotional note only if the product they bought from you is usable and if they extract good experience out of it. Bad experience can make your marketing efforts go in vain.

2. Since, viral marketing uses pre-existing social networks, popular web pages or e-zines are perfect platform where you can submit your promotional articles/press releases. Relationship networks can also be used by generating electronic greeting cards that people can e-mail to friends and family.

3. Viral marketing allows effortless transfer among customers. E-mail, graphics, and software downloads are ideal information carriers. You can judiciously use these channels of marketing.

This is just a bit about viral marketing but yes, it touches all important aspects of viral marketing in brief. Stay tuned for more posts and feel free to leave a comment.

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