SEO Tips for Your Web Presence in 2019

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Technology is changing day by day, so is the online business pattern. No wonder the tactics that were working few years ago are not useful as of today. Google is continuously updating their strategies to make its SEO algorithm better and its highly recommended for the website owners to focus on the latest trends and adjust their SEO practices to continue to have good SERPs ranking.
As the new year has just started, we are listing 5 important SEO tips to make your website more google friendly for 2019:

1. Update your On-Page SEO Checklist:

It is very crucial part of the SEO, where SEO agencies optimize each web pages of the website so that user have relevant information about your product and services and Website owners will have relevant traffic. One good thing about this is – You have complete control over on content, titles, meta title, meta description, Alt text, images and you should make the best out of it. Items that MUST require attention for on page are listed below (not limited to):

• Keywords Research – One of the most important and time-consuming part for on page is to search relevant keywords & selecting them based on google trends.
• Better and unique URLs (which describe your services/products)
• Title Tags/ Meta Description
• H2 Tags
• Image Alt tags (these are hidden keywords, but these assist the website owners as well)
• Optimizing Multimedia
• Rich unique content & deep interlinking with the services or different yet relevant web pages of the website, so that google can crawl the maximum relevant pages and assist your content to rank higher
• Schema Markup
• Google Reviews – Once you are done with On Page Setup – Make sure to have some google reviews on google listing. As this is the first thing user would like to know about your business

2. Good & Rich Content:

It has been seen in 2018 that the longer the content is, better the results and we believe this will be trend this year as well. Unique content with 1000+ words will be working well as compared to 500 words article.

Please make sure to use rich content and not to use rough content to fulfill the condition of 1000+ words as google is smart enough to analyze the content of the articles, the quality of keywords inserted.

3. Keywords Quality:

Depending upon your service or products, a good SEO companies will search good keywords which will assist your website in online ranking. Focus key here is about the length of keywords. Yes, Long tail keywords – Though its not a new concept but based on the trend this will be important this year. Keywords having 3 or more than 3 words will support content of your article as compared to single- or 2-words keyword. Depending upon the selection of your keywords, chances are long tail keywords have great possibility of conversion.

4. Local SEO:

It is working out to be best till now and will further increase its trend this year as well. Most of the searches are done via smartphone now a days. So, one of the major tasks for your SEO agency is to setup better on page & do Mobile optimization for your website.

As huge number of users use their smartphone device to search randomly about the services required and its better if we can take care of mobile website optimization at first place considering the below fact:

– More than 40% of search is LOCAL
– More than 15% of smartphone or mobile device searches led to purchase within one day.

5. Voice Search:

This new trend is something you will be looking most in the 2019. With advancement of devices like Alexa and other in-built features in devices Like Siri, Bixby – voice search is going to by talk of he SEO. Though its in nascent stages, but you can notice the market is already full of the devices like these ones. So, website owners should also start planning on this as well.

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