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There is no doubt about that SEO plays the critical role in success and failure of any business on Internet world and it is one of the most influential driving force of Online Business. We decided to pen down some basic but important SEO techniques & facts for programmers so they can help SEO team to secure or retain the top ladder position in Search Engines.

1) Most Important Places on a Page to place keywords




<h1>Most Important</h1>

<h2>Second Most Important</h2>

<h3>Third Most Important</h3>



<img src=”keyword.jpg” alt=”keyword” /> Hyperlink <a href=”” title=”keyword”>Keyword in Anchor Text</a>


(No Followed)

<a href=”” title=”keyword”

rel=”nofollow”>Keyword in Anchor Text</a>

2) Page Indexing Limitations of Search Engines

  • Page File Size: No more than 150 kilobytes (Before Images, CSS and other Attachments)
  • Amount of links: No more than 100 unique links per page
  • Title Tag: No more than 70 characters
  • Meta Description: No more than 155 characters
  • Parameters in URL: No more than 2

Bad Example:

Good Example:

  • Depth of URL: No more than 4 directories deep
  • Ideal Title Tag Syntax: Keyword < Category | Website Title

3) 301 Redirect Commands to remove canonical URL’s


Write to file called ‘.htaccess’. The file is named only as an extension. Hidden files must be viewable in operating system. mod_rewrite must be enabled Command Description



Redirect 301 /oldpage.html


Redirect single file or directory to a new

file or directory on a different domain

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule (.*)$1 [L,R=301]

Redirect to Affects entire domain.

Entire site:

Redirect 301 /

Redirect permanent /old

Safely redirect entire domain to a new domain

as a 301

4) Important Search Engine Robots:

5) Robots Meta Tag

ROBOT NAME can be either “robots” for all robots or the user-agent of a specific robot. See robot user-agent list at

<meta name=”ROBOT NAME” content=”ARGUMENTS” />


Search Engines



Google, Yahoo, Live,


Page Not Indexed

nofollow Google, Yahoo, Live,Ask

Google, Yahoo, Live,


All Links on Page

Become No Followed


Google, Yahoo, Live,


Page Not Cached


Google, Yahoo, Live

Stops Description and Title

Tag Overwrite by DMOZ

(Only for Homepage



Stops Description and

Title Tag Overwrite by

Yahoo Directory



Stops Google from

Generating Description

Based on On-page Text

6) URL Optimization

Basic SEO techniques that every programmer should keep in while they are coding any website.

·Use main keywords in the URL

·Hyphens Separate Best. Avoid underscores. Use ‘/’ to reflect directory level.

·Describe Your Content

·Keep it Short

·Static is the Way & the Light

·Descriptive URLs are Better than Numbers – /brand/adidas/ is better than 114/cat223/

·Avoid creating Subdomans as have the potential to be treated separately from the primary domain when it comes to passing link and trust value

·Fewer Folders – No more than 4 directories deep

·Follow same URL convention through out the website

·Don’t be Case Sensitive. No upper case in the URL.301 lower case URLs to all-lowercase versions to help avoid confusion

Example of BadURLs



It doesn’t describe their content, use keywords, or keep it short. That and the horrifyingly useless data that can be removed from the URL without changing the content make this URL downright ugly.

It provides no descriptive information, use multiple dynamic parameters and separate breaks with underscores.

Example of GoodURLs


it’s short, descriptive, static and obvious.

Despite the subdomain, everything else is near perfect.

Good hierarchy and wise use of numbers

7) Sitemap.xml Syntax

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=’UTF-8’?>

<urlset xmlns=’’>








Default Locations Search Engines Look for Sitemaps

Visit for a free sitemap

8) Robots.txt –

User-agent: *

Disallow: /folder or file name & location to be disallowed/
Robots.txt example - 

User-agent: Googlebot/2.1

Disallow: /nogoogle.html

9) Common Bot Traps
·Input Forms
·Session IDs in URL
·Pages Restricted by Cookies

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