Conversion Rate Optimization

We’re different in that we not only have vast experience in Fashion E-commerce, but also have hands on experience in Online Marketing. We understand the practical and fundamental issues that most online fashion retailers face.

We don’t come to you with theories and standard best practices such as button color, button text, killer copywriting, winning layouts, etc. but with solid pragmatic experience of managing and growing fashion business across the world.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients use us:

Our Scope of Work

Our Conversion Rate Optimization & Brand Positioning service includes:

Brand Positioning

With right architecture & targeted content strategy, we can create your website’s sales funnel and also help you position your brand clearly for your target audience. As part our brand positioning service, we will help you effectively communicate various important aspects of your business including:

Conversion Rate Optimization

We will analyze your website and present our recommendations that can help you improve the conversion rate of your online store and convert more visitors into customers.

Scope of Work


Here are the deliverables you can expect as part of our CRO Consulting: