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Somewhere between the strong first quarter action plan of 2019 and the creation of digital marketing strategies is already in progress, it’s good to know how the digital market will be formed in 2019.

Here are some trends that will guide digital marketing around the world in 2019.

Video Marketing

One of the most effective digital marketing trend this year will be video marketing. According to a report, 80% of online marketing content will be converted into a visual display. It will give you an overview of the products and services with a lot of fun and humor.Since the adoption of smartphones and social media platforms, videos are one of the best ways to market products. A short video with an effective message can also give your campaign an enthusiastic environment.

AI – The future of machines

According to the Adobe report, the machines will soon be decisive enough to make strategic marketing decisions. Fascinating right? Imagine that all you have to do is store all your data on the machine server and receive suggestions for your marketing strategies. It’s not over, these strategies will be consistent with the behavior patterns of their clients. Artificial intelligence will dramatically change the look of marketing in the near future.

Automated Chatboxes

I am sure you have found a chatbox by browsing the Internet. Conversation frames are one of the most interesting applications of artificial intelligence. Not only do they display the results faster, but the chat boxes are amusing and offer a personalized experience to their customers. In addition, in a recent IBM report, 85 percent of all customer service interactions will be performed by machines later this year.

Voice search

You should hear about Alexa and the Google home these days. If not, read about it. According to a research report, 65% of smart homeowners say they do not want to come back to life without a voice-control assistant. Smart speakers will change the way data is moved. Have you tried to search for content using voice commands? Digital marketing comes in here. Any SEO you work on your site must also rely on voice commands because it tends to responds faster which your clients can be excited about it.

Fall of the Kingdom – Internet vs Television

In this millennial generation, where a person spends more time on the phone or surfing the Internet, it is a simple device to connect the modules to the game. According to the study, people will spend about 2.5 hours on the Internet. This leads to a change in the form of advertising that is moving from TV channels to websites.


We read articles, blogs, newsletters, etc., every day. But what if you can not find the right content you can trust? The content does not just apply to facts and figures, it must be simple, clean and slender. In 2019, the content will have the same importance as before. Makes a reliable and original dataset in any way. Want to Grow your Business Digitally? Get world class digital marketing services at Netgains. Get in touch with NETGAINS Now!

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