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With E-commerce infrastructure as a leading category in the 2022 and beyond, Netgains provide retailers with the necessary tools to build and add features to their e-commerce channels, such as by facilitating mobile and social commerce.

We offer E-commerce platforms like Shopify Plus, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, XCart, OSCommerce, BigCommerce to build and power business-to-consumer (B2C) online stores.

Store operations & analytics is another leading category where-in we develop a wide array of solutions from robots to AR/VR to automate and improve store operations.

Our expertise in Merchandising & inventory management solutions offers easier access to product data and more accurate demand forecasting. They also simplify wholesale buying for smaller shops. 

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Netgains helps with building student engagement platform on education entities and provide them with an online platform that gives a pathway for job-seekers to learn job-ready skills that will prepare them for the career of their future.

We set up and build problem-solving approaches, constantly re-sequencing problems and recalibrating difficulty based on student performance.

Our expertise in working and building various digital education CRM for schools, colleges, training institutions gives us the edge to ensure your EduTech is a success story from the start.

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We leverage modern digital technical processes to optimize profitability and power up the Energy Industry. Our team of experts provides information architecture that keeps content, data, and reporting in a very informative structure for the seekers to find the required information. Our Energy sectors clients have seen great improvements in their sales, conversions,  traffic, and overall objectives.

Some key factors that helped our energy clients are:

– Easy to navigate
– Content that communicates clearly
– Attractive UI/UX
– Intuitive Interface
– Detailed Reporting & Stats
– Secure Transactions 

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We have been working for over a decade with govt. agencies to deliver the best user-friendly websites, applications that help connect people with the required information. Our prime focus is on government sectors to enrich effectiveness and strengthen technology business associations.

We not only develop these solutions but also provide training manuals or educate them on how to use and adapt to digital transformation.

If you are exploring the best govt. technology service for your project requirements, we can surely provide you with a platform that is easy to manage and friendly, and intuitive to your visitors.

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