Hunting Apparel & Fishing Gear Website ROI increased by 16x

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Introduction: The client is a prominent US-based hunting apparel retailer, catering to a wide customer base. Although their website attracted substantial visitor traffic, the client faced challenges in achieving meaningful conversions. Consequently, they approached Netgains fashion digital marketing agency seeking assistance in revamping their website and enhancing their overall marketing strategies.


  • Tight deadline for website redesign
  • Subpar online conversion rates
  • Revenue loss caused by frequent site outages and slow performance
  • Dis-organized website architecture
  • Significant customer drop-off rate

Our Initial Approach:

Our first step was to conduct a thorough audit of the client’s website and analyze the user behavior data. We found that although the website had a large number of categories and products, the navigation was confusing and overwhelming for visitors, leading to a subpar user experience. Additionally, the website was plagued with slow loading times and outages, leading to lost sales and dissatisfied customers.

To address these issues, we recommended a new site architecture that streamlined the categories and made it easier for users to find the products they were looking for. We also redesigned the website to improve its speed and overall user-friendliness. The new design focused on creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that engaged visitors and increased their likelihood of making a purchase.

We implemented several other CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies, including optimizing the website’s call-to-action buttons and strategically enhanced the placement of products on the website and focused on optimizing the product detail pages for an improved customer experience. By carefully arranging the product displays and refining the presentation of product information, we aimed to captivate and engage customers more effectively. These efforts resulted in a streamlined customer journey, which gave significant increase in the client’s conversion rates and sales revenue, ultimately exceeding their expectations.

Marketing Services:

Once the website redesign was completed, we turned our attention to the client’s marketing efforts. We analyzed their Facebook and Google paid ads channels and found several issues with the pixels, events, and campaigns. Facebook had also restricted the client’s advertising due to the nature of their products. We recommended several changes to the client’s Facebook advertising strategy, such as using lifestyle images, highlighting the benefits of the products, and focusing on engagement rather than sales which further assisted them in getting engagement on their Facebook by getting likes, resharing posts to several Facebook groups in target market, replying about the products queries in DM’s

Google Ads: To improve the client’s ROI, we developed a comprehensive Google Ads strategy. Initially, we focused on building brand awareness campaigns for the first two months to introduce the client’s brand to a wider audience. We also optimized the campaigns to ensure that they were reaching the right target audience.

Once we had built up brand awareness and fixed all the conversions, we gradually launched the Fashion sales ads campaigns. These campaigns were designed to drive traffic to the client’s website and encourage users to make a purchase.

The sales campaigns were optimized for keywords that were relevant to the client’s products, and we used ad copy that highlighted the unique features and benefits of the products. We also used retargeting to target users who had previously visited the client’s website but had not made a purchase.


The results of our Google Ads campaigns for this Hunting and Fishing brand were impressive.

  • We were able to successful improve traffic and revenue by google campaigns as shown in below screenshots
  • Successfully improved the revenue in last three months by 95%
  • Returning customers has also improved

November 2023

  • Total Spent: 2.2k   |   Revenue: 43K
  • ROAS: 19+

December 2023

  • Total Spent: 2.3k   |   Revenue: 86.8K
  • Roas: 39+


Overall, Netgains was able to successfully revamp the client’s website and significantly improve their online presence. Through our thorough analysis and expert recommendations, we were able to overcome the challenges of a confusing navigation, slow site speed, and lost sales due to site outages.

At Netgains Fashion Digital Agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive and effective web solutions for our clients. Our team of experts worked tirelessly to deliver results that helped the client achieve their objectives, and we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations for all of our clients in the future.

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