Have a Quick Look on iOS 8 New Features

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As we all know Apple is going to launch beta version of iOS 8. Now all are waiting for this new invention and curious to know what makes this iOS different from other iOS.

Are you also interested to discern what new features does iOS 8 have? Yes, then here is some unique characteristics of iOS 8:-

  1. iCloud Photo Library :-Find & rediscover your favorite photos by using iCloud photo library. This feature also provide you facility for easy picture editing and make it live on iCloud photo Library. You can also make your images viewable and consistent on all other devices.
  1. Notification Respond :-This new facility helps ones to respond their notification in better manner. By using this features you not only save your time but also manages your mail effectively.
  1. Smartest Keyboard:- IOS 8 keyboard is made to make your typing easier. It is embedded with following features such as suggest you word to complete your sentence. It also guess whether you want to write mail or message and whom you want to send.
  1. Easily Family Sharing:- As the name suggest this app makes easy to share songs, photos or other data with your family. Up to 6 family people can share data from each other’s iTunes, iBook’s, and App Store purchases
  1. iCloud Drive:- Now you can work anywhere, anytime. As this app makes your files, images, presentations, pdfs or other data accessible to your device whether it’s your PC or MAC directly from iCloud.
  1. Fitness App:- Track your fitness, health activity by installing this fitness app. This app also provide you facility to talk each other while working.

IOS 8 Compatibility

Now the next question that arise everyone’s mind is iOS 8 compatibility. Is iOS 8 compatible with older versions of iOS? Answers is yes. IOS 8 is compatible with following devices iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad2, iPad 3rd & 4th generation, iPad mini and retina display, iPod touch 5th generation.

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