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Domain Authority (DA) – There’s a lot of confusion spread in the digital marketing groups & forums about Domain authority and what exactly it is, how it works, how to increase domain authority, how does google measures DA, and much more. So our digital marketing expert team thought of writing this post which will help you understand the concept as much as possibly in layman language.

Ps. Read the full blog to discover the recent DA update 

So let’s dive in.

Domain Authority is a number that ranges from 1 to 100, 1 means very low and 100 means high DA. To make it further clear, DA is a ranking score developed by MOZ that helps determine the ranking strength of the domain (website) or sub domain on search engine result pages (SERP’s)

And How is DA Calculated?

Domain authority is calculated on number of factors including no. of links pointing to your website, the quality of external links that pass juice (relevance) to your website, which when all combined helps to calculate the ranking strength of the website and compare with your competitors. A website having 50 high quality backlinks is likely to have a greater DA then a website with 200 low quality links.

A fresh brand new website will have a domain authority of 1 and can be increased by multiple strategies including link building. It’s easy to grow your website from DA of 30-40 but is quite difficult to grow it from 70-80.

How much Domain Authority Should my Website Have?

There’s no fix number to this. Since, DA is used as a comparative metric, you should do a thorough research, analyse the competitors in your niche that uses same keywords or share same topics that have strong link profile and then aim to have a better DA than your competitors.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

First, you need to identify who your competitors are and then by following a strategic link building process, it’s possible to increase the DA of your website. Finally you need to compare your’s and your competitors backlink profile to find whose leading.

To get high quality backlinks, you need to research and recognise related websites to your business on Google. Then using a DA checker tool (example , find out the DA of those websites. Once you find some relatively good websites with a high DA score (usually above 50 or more than your own website’s DA) and if by a chance they have already mentioned you in there, BooM, that’s your chance to ask for a backlink. Reach out to them & request to give you a backlink. Don’t pressurise them, tell them how you both can benefit with small linking or else you can also give them a backlink in return.

BEWARE – There are many link-for-link websites, but don’t fall into their trap. Google hates link exchanges when they are totally unrelational.

Once your website start getting genuine links from external websites, your rankings will automatically boost.

Is DA a Google’s Ranking Factor? – Google says – NO, DA is not included in their search algorithms but now you’ll ask, why the heck are we discussing it even.

But hold on, there’s a twist.

Google may not directly include DA in their ranking factor but it does INDIRECTLY.

A very nice example is shared by The Google Cache, they say, “Imagine you want to sell ice cream. You know that people buy ice cream on hot days. However, a company has a monopoly on all thermometers and weather forecasting and doesn’t share any of that information with you.  You notice, however, that when people wear sunglasses, it tends to be warmer. You set up a camera on a heavily populated street and count the percentage of people wearing sunglasses. You then use that ratio to determine whether you open the ice cream shop that day. Notice that wearing sunglasses has no impact on the weather, and it certainly doesn’t make people eat ice cream; nevertheless, it does predict whether people will want ice cream. That prediction is valuable enough in order for your business to make better decisions.

Very well explained. Now, same is the case with Domain Authority. A strong backlink profile means better ranking – and that is what DA was made for i.e. to “RANK YOUR WEBSITE WELL”

After the DA 2019 Update, What has Changed?

The new Domain Authority now follows a neural model rather than complex linear model.

Moz’s Russ Jones on Twitter said, this is truly a dramatic change. Domain authority is more reliable now. It will be able to calculate spam score (chance of being penalised), link buyers, link sellers, comment spam.

New DA is better than ever and will definitely help the digital marketing specialists make & implement great strategies hence improving their SEO.

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