Google Shopping and Retargeting

Google Shopping and Retargeting

Ongoing success on Google Shopping requires both, customizing the Google Merchant Center feed with ad visibility levers within AdWords. We need to carefully perform the following services to enhance your Google Product listing positioning and help achieve a higher ROI.

Here is what we will help achieve with our Google Shopping Plan for your Fashion Label.

Our bidding & performance optimization

  • We will allocate budget to the most profitable campaigns & SKU segments
  • We will incorporate programmatic bidding, budget pacing, and negative keyword grouping.
  • We will scale ad visibility via day-parting, geo-targeting, and device-level modifications
  • Facilitate the integration of Google reviews into shopping Fashion Ad Marketing Campaigns

Our Audience Targeting

  • We will implement product-level Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads
  • We will install remarketing tags on client site to collect site visitor data
  • We will further create an audience pool to retarget via Facebook Dynamic Ads

Our Feed Management

  • We will also submit the Google Merchant Feed as & when necessary
  • We will build a product Database for each SKU to optimize color, product type
  • We will integrate customer intent-based keywords to match products with shoppers’ buying signals
  • Google Shopping Special Offers using custom promotion feed