Google Introduces Free Dynamic Sitelinks to Improve Ad Relevancy

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What are Dynamic Sitelinks?

Dynamic Sitelinks are automatically generated links by Google and place in your ad. Google cost nothing if users click on these sitelinks. Advertiser still have choice if they want to dynamic sitelinks applied on their ads or not.

Difference between Advertiser-created and Dynamic Sitelinks

The only difference between advertiser-created sitelinks and dynamic sitelinks is that the dynamic sitelinks will be auto generated based on users past search activity. These sitelinks will only appear on the bottom of ads and will not show in conjunction with existing sitelinks.

Benefits of Dynamic Sitelinks

  • Advertisers who are not using relevant sitelinks across all campaigns than dynamic sitelinks can helps you to increase CTR
  • Ability to directly link what the consumers are seeking for based on past search activity.
  • Enhance your ads with automatically generated ad extensions saves time.
  • Linking to high-converting sections of your website.
  • You can easily change text link whenever you want, for sales and special offers.
  • You have a choice to run sitelinks for mobile. If you are running sitelinks for mobile then you can separately customize them for mobile from desktops.
  • Flexibility to schedule sitelinks starting and ending dates.
  • Reporting is available to find out how many clicks occurred on your ad when sitelinks appeared.

While dynamic sitelinks will provide a raise for those who are not using sitelinks, it is significant for advertisers to maintain to optimize and increase coverage for sitelinks.

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