What is Google Content Keywords In Webmaster Tools and Its Benefit in SEO

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There are tons of SEO Experts but every expert have their own SEO mantras to rank their websites. Being a SEO expert I too have some mantras through which I use to track my work and bring my blog on top position of SERPs (search engine result pages). Google is too good as it only guide us how to work to attain high rankings on SERPs.

Google provides various products through which you can track each and everything like popular keywords, location, gender, clicks, conversions, impressions etc. Google also help us in improving our website results by giving suggestion through its products like Google analytic, Webmaster etc. Google Webmaster is very useful tool for blog owners as it permits you to check index status, search queries, crawl errors like 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx errors, security issues, bounce rate and optimize the visibility of a website.

One of the best option provided by Google webmaster tool is content keyword. Through this option we can know how many times you use the specific keyword and its variant in whole site. Depending upon the times it exists, Google list down how this particular keyword is significant for the website. To make you more clear look at the image below.

Content Keywords

Benefit of Content Keyword Option for SEO

In terms of SEO content keyword plays a very imperative role, as through this you can easily check the exact ratio of your main keywords on the website.

How to Have Main Keywords on the Content Keywords Listing?

If you are not able to see your main keywords on Google content keywords then you need to follow the things which are mentioned below to your get main keywords on the list.

  • Make use of main keywords in the content of your websites if it already contains content. Otherwise add keyword rich content to the website.
  • Make use of more keyword variants in the content as shown on aforementioned image like design, designed, designing, and designs etc.

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