Unlocking Success in Email Marketing: Meeting Google and Yahoo’s 2024 Sender Requirements

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Lately all mass email softwares are sending notification to their customers to update the DKIM as per the new Google/Yahoo mail policy and not meeting these requirements will prevent your customers from seeing your messages— wasting costly resources and opportunities to build your business.

Don’t let valuable marketing dollars go to waste – ensure your emails reach the right audience by adhering to Google and Yahoo’s latest sender requirements, effective February 2024.

Who’s Affected?

It impacts everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a growing business, compliance is key. While termed “bulk senders,” the changes apply universally. Sending over 5K emails per day categorizes you as a bulk sender, a threshold easily met by most online retailers.

Get Prepared: A Checklist

Here’s a quick guide to meet the new sender requirements:

1. Remove @gmail from Your Friendly “From” Address

Avoid using Gmail or Yahoo addresses in your emails. Switch to a website domain you own.

2. Set Up a Branded Sending Domain

Enhance sender reputation and brand presence with dedicated sending domains.

3. Configure Your DMARC Policy

Protect your domain from unauthorized use. Configure a DMARC policy in your DNS provider.

4. Align “From” Address with Branded Domain

Ensure DMARC compliance by aligning your friendly “from” address with the root domain of your branded sending domain.

5. Make Unsubscribing Easy

Every email must include a one-click unsubscribe link. Klaviyo automates this for you, adding the link to the email header.

6. Keep Spam Complaints Low

Maintain low spam complaints by adhering to deliverability best practices. Use Klaviyo’s deliverability hub or Google Postmaster Tools for insights.

Conclusion: Safeguard Your Reputation Now

Start implementing these steps with Netgains to fortify your email marketing reputation. Act now and be prepared for the changes coming in February 2024.

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