Flag Football Plays Online Software Tool Launched

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We are excited to announce the re-launch of next innovation in online flag football tool built for myfootballplays.com. This enhance tool allows user to create, edit and print football plays in real-time. The software works great for creating both tackle and flag football plays.

This tool can be used on the desktop (PC/Mac) for game preparation and also on the tablets (iPad/Android) for use during a game. With on-demand assignment creation capabilities, and the ability to create real-time plays to adjust to the opposition’s tactics, this feature ups the ante on the field of battle.

This custom tool is created by our professional LAMP Developers. The tool contains features like create real time Routes, Save/Download your plays, Print your play, Insert text, Create Custom Wristband e.t.c.

Some additional features that offers a multi-pronged approach to coaching: 

  • Real-time Play Designer with multiple print format options (1 – 12 plays per page)
  • A giant database with over 1,00,000 football plays
  • Community Play feature for coach and player collaboration and play sharing
  • Playbooks and guides for players and coaches
  • Wristbands that can hold play graphics or text inserts for in-play reference
  • Free hand Drawing of Football plays, a Must Try
  • Create your own custom Routes, A Must Try

Checkout Football Play Designer Tool Video. 

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