Financial Analytic Trading Tool – Launched

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Netgains recently launched an ultimate Financial Analytic Trading Tool custom developed and designed for My Risk Mentor (UK Stock Exchange), an online application that provides risk management mentoring, trading statement analysis service to traders and investors in UK.

We built and designed this unique tools to analyze an integrated view of your finances. Whether you want to keep track of your personal investments or monitor an enterprise-level portfolio, it has a solution for you.

This custom website is created by our skilled WordPress Development Team and the actual Analytical platform is built on Node.js. The tool contains features like user dashboard, custom financial reporting, content management, security e.t.c.

Below are some additional features provided by our development team:

  • Custom financial report via bar and line graphs
  • Import and export financial reports
  • Multiple importing options using CSV, XLS, HTML, MT4
  • Total profit and loss report with graph
  • Cloud based Platoform
  • Multiple portfolios in one single account
  • Dynamically calculate you stats including gross profit, loss, percentage etc based on your financial data.

We look forward to hear your feedback and for any questions and queries feel free to reach out to us Contact Us.

Thank you

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