Automation Development

Retail Automation

Automation has conquered almost every sphere of digitalization, eCommerce is not an exception though. And employing manual workflows for your eCommerce store would be an outdated and worthless approach.

Since it would be tough to drive consistent sales with manual workflow, encompass automation to accomplish the manual work of 6+ hours in merely 10-15 minutes along with other associated benefits.

How it can be beneficial to your brand:

How our retail automation services could augment your eCommerce sales:

That was a concise overview of how we could assist in elevating your eCommerce business via automation.

We believe the higher sales and revenue generation from an eCommerce store, lies behind the automation strategies to capture and entice customers for making a purchase.

Reducing cart abandonment

Capturing bounced-out prospects before final purchases and squeezing sales by sending them the list of available items in their cart and a direct link to the checkout page.

Automating inventory management

Integrating an eCommerce store with accounting software to keep track of purchase orders, regular updates of the volume of products in-stock, and calculating real-time balance sheets of your inventory.

Automating customer support

Leveraging AI-enabled chatbots for efficient 24-hour consumer support for better customer experience.

Automate reviews

Scheduling automated emails after a couple of days, the customer has made a purchase, in order to urge them for sharing feedback and a genuine review via the product review link sent in the email.