Leveraging touchpoint strategies

Are you aware of the fact that a customer “touches” your brand on an average of 56 times between the search and the final purchase?

Well, if not; you aren’t lagging. Time hasn’t passed. This is the right time to explore what is called “ the customer journey mapping”.

Trending technology and consumer behavior are at a significant transition point. Leading retailers must find alternatives to contrast their brands amidst a myriad of counterparts if they want to break out of the “Great Recession”.

The below image depicts the touchpoints involved in an eCommerce retail process.

Awareness Touchpoints

Retailers should take action today to

Upon good management, this strategy renders the chance to minimize the cost of procuring, serving, and preserving customer relationships.

Technology-driven touchpoints are evolving at a stunning pace, with many new touchpoints already espoused by prevailing customers.

Hence, at Netgains, we are of the notion that eCommerce retailers should embark on piloting the latest touchpoints at the earliest in order to deploy further strategies on a large scale in near future.

In this regard, Netgain Solutions dispense eCommerce touchpoint strategy that includes several ideas and proactive approaches on how to commence with capturing the customers’ touchpoints and respond to messages and queries, which the retailers may never have anticipated otherwise.

Post-Purchase Touchpoints

With the current proliferation of touchpoints, a large part of the shopping journey has moved outside the boundaries of retail stores – into digital and social media networks, which are being used by the people to share their experiences and often gain brand insights.

Newsletters/Thank you letters

Feedback survey

Cross/Upsell emails

Customer loyalty program