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Online Data Entry Outsourcing Services Company in INDIA. Everyday data is generated in multiple forms: Paper, Images, Workbooks/sheets, PDF and many more. Many data entry outsourcing companies or business find it very difficult to manage their own data on day to day basis especially if the data is in physical form like paper. We are Netgains help our clients with their data management services by providing them with quality manpower, hardware resources, and software to help manage there data management.

We help render the following data entry outsourcing services in India for our clients worldwide:

  • Data entry Outsourcing for Digital Form Filling
  • Data entry outsourcing for Manual Form Filling
  • Uploading data from offline sheets to online software
  • Mailing Lists Digitization
  • Excel Spreadsheet Numeric entries
  • Insurance leads details data entry
  • Human resources leads data entry for recruitment
  • Bank Applications data entry
  • Hospital data digitization
  • and much more.

As an expert data entry outsourcing company we have helped managing multiple data entry project since over a decade for various verticals/sectors like: Data entry for Hospitals, Data entry for Banks, Data entry for Education, Data entry for Recruitment and more. The complete data digitization job is done remotely in our secure offices which are fully secure and all the date is protected with your IP rights from start to end.

Why work with us:

Security: We keep our system and software robust and secure.
Privacy: We respect our client’s data and keep private and only authorized persons can access the same
Accuracy: We manage to get 100% accuracy in all our projects in assigned timeline.
Expert team: Our resources are well trained on the type of the project before giving them LIVE projects
Best Prices: We offer best services in most affordable online data entry services

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