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Netgains has recently launched iParkSmart Mobility Solution (Version 1) which is one of the initial step for Chandigarh Parking towards becoming the first Smart Parking City in India (under IOT). Among many other technologies coming in Internet of things, Smart Parking is one the initiative taken by Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to manage the entire public parking lots to ensure convenience to the city residents.

Netgains – A premium Mobile & Smartphone app development company & is official technology provider for iParkSmart We have further assisted in procuring Hardware & technology to make this project a success

iParkSmart app will enable users to book the public parking lots even before leaving from the home/locations. Users will be able to further book monthly and city passes online which solve many issues earlier faced by residents like: parking lots un-availability, overcharging etc.

Our robust and flexible solution generates more than 50k parking tickets per day, We have further trained the ground level attendants/staff regarding how to implement and technical know hows of the entire system to facilitate smart work flow on the ground level

Some of the highlight features of this IOT App are:

  • Smart parking ticketing Solution
  • Lost ticketing
  • Attendant Monitoring
  • Automatic calculations for extra hours
  • QR Code scanning options
  • Fixed prices hence no overcharging
  • Traffic Analysis and Strategy planning using AI

Benefits to the city of Chandigarh:

  • Making Chandigarh city more technology oriented
  • Creating Jobs – Netgains have helped iParkSmart recruiting hundred of employees for their field requirements
  • Book parking lot even before you reach the spot.
  • No Price over charging – System has inbuilt price system so no worries about price overcharging.

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