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Sometimes I spare time to take a stroll about streets, for a leisurely walk, to enjoy the breeze and the surroundings. But the dull architecture around me often puts me in a grim mood.  Everywhere you see the tradition of using white and yellow being followed. How can the architecture be so devoid of life and color? So monotonous and morose?  So white and yellow?

While I was still battling my own spree of questions, my eyes paused upon a beautiful piece of Architecture. Nestling in the lap of lush green lawns and well trimmed hedges, stood a house so beautiful, so alive, so bold and tastefully colorful. It suddenly invigorated my frayed thoughts. Now that’s what I call, Architecture.

I wondered then, how beautiful architecture can add so much value to a place and its surroundings. In India , where astrology and Vaastu influences so many lives, I am sure colors would bring about that positive change in the thought. More on the influence of colors in my later blogs, but here are a few examples of what tasteful colors can do to brighten and bring life to an otherwise – just-another-glance-through Buildings’.

Do you often think about an architectural revamp? But restrain from spending a huge amount for a deferred outcome. Don’t worry! With the help of our 2d and 3d CAD Services, you will be able to look in advance, how your new dream home would look. Feel free to contact us anytime.

We would be happy to help.

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