Inbound services range from answering customer queries about the product or services to providing them the resolution to the various challenges they face with the services.
Some offerings of our Inbound support are –


Our outbound services involve calling existing or prospective customers of a business. These calls are usually for the purpose of generating sales, selling subscriptions or customer retention.
Some offerings of our Outbound support are –


This is a dynamic way to market and sell your products by contacting prospect customers and informing them of the features and benefits of your company’s products and services.
Some offerings of our Telemarketing services are –


Technical support services can act as an IT helpdesk to for customers to resolve their core technical issues regarding various products and services. With an increasing base of technology users worldwide, this service is a key towards keeping your customers satisfied and retained.
Some offerings of our Technical Support service are –

Help Desk
Customer Support

Our Inbound call center contracts allow various clients to provide technical assistance to their customers regarding various technological products like smartphones, laptops, printers, routers etc. These services can also serve customers of consumer electronic companies. Octopus Tech has a well-trained team of agents that are capable of handling technical issues related to various devices and technologies. We are your one-stop destination for all technical help desk outsourcing.