Retail Customer Sales

From general inquiries to customer complaints, the customer support team handles all such issues for any company. Good customer service is critical for retaining existing customers and ensuring repeat business. Netgains 24/7 customer support services help you provide the best multi-channel support to your customers via voice, chat, email and even social media.

NBFC Tele Sales

The NBFC or Non-Banking Financial Service sector of India is seeing a major boom in recent times. There are many new start-ups that are entering this sector, recognizing the demand in the market for micro-loans and other finance-related products. Regardless of the size or customer base of these organizations, their basic functions remain the same. Their interactions with their customers in some way or another, also remain the same. Another common thread between all these organizations is their growing need for call center services to help them with their several processes. Outsourcing their various processes to a call center helps these companies keep their focus on their core objectives and allows them to divert their resources on other critical functions.

Netgains Solutions offers a range of call center services for NBFC that help them with everything from onboarding new customers to handling customer complaints.


In a growing economy, fintech companies play a vital part in keeping the consumers and businesses financially independent. These companies provide loans to consumers so that can they can fulfill their requirements and also finance businesses that allow them to continue their growth and expansion which in turn leads to growth in employment opportunities. This is a cycle that would stop running without the services provided by the fintech sector. With increasing growth and competition in the market, the fintech sector companies benefit from outsourcing several of their services to BPO companies. Call center services for Fintech are essential for the smooth running of these companies. At Netgains Solutions, we work together with fintech companies to ensure they keep running in a profitable manner by increasing their customer base. We also ensure that the risk of loss due to bad loans and defaulters is minimized through our services.


The telecom sector is one that constantly sees growth and advancements all across the world. With the world slowly moving towards 5G technology, the telecom giants of the world need to keep their focus on the core research & development needed for proper implementation of cutting edge technologies that are bringing this world closer. In order to do that, telecom companies all across the globe rely on call center outsourcing partners that can take away the burden of non-core activities like customer support and sales. That is also the reason why historically the telecom sector was one of the first companies to outsource to BPO companies across the world. Call center services for the telecom sector help both the businesses and their customers. Netgains Solutions partners with global telecom companies to ensure their cost reduction as well as revenue generation.


The rapid changes we see in the healthcare industry today is making it difficult for its major players to stay ahead in the game. The various advantages provided by the healthcare industry, though are important for every age group, are currently overshadowed by consumer empowerment, rising costs and varying domestic agendas which have led to a mega-shift in the digital influence within the industry. Even the administrative tasks involved in managing a healthcare practice doesn’t leave you enough time to focus on the core activity i.e. patient care. So, if you too are struggling with complex coding procedures, rising operational costs, issues with billing, insurance claiming or any such thing, outsourcing these services to a reputed firm might be a better bet. Here, Netgains can help you meet the needs of your practice with its comprehensive yet customized BPO healthcare service.