Non Voice Support

Non Voice Support

Today’s customers want support on multiple channels. They are not just satisfied with only having a helpline number to call. They require 24/7 chat support services so that they can get any query answered or any issue resolved while they browse through your website. Check out some of the services that are covered under our Call center vertica

Chat Support

Benefits Of Chat Support Services:

Real Time Assistance

Customers get real-time assistance while they are browsing your website. This reduces support time drastically. The real-time assistant also helps customers make decisions on whether to make a purchase or not.

Convert Visitors To Customers

You have an opportunity to convert website visitors to customers. There is also scope for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. Chat support is the perfect tool to help boost your website’s conversions.

Gather visitor information

Know your website visitor information in real-time by interacting with them. Get the necessary feedback from the customers and find out how to improve your services.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Help reduce cart abandonment in e-commerce sites and increase sales with our chat support service. Customers that face any challenge while making a transaction on your website can get quick assistance.

E-mail Support

Email has become the chief method of communication between your customers and your business. Everything from feedback emails to queries can be the subject of these emails. Your business needs strong e-mail support services to ensure your customers get a fast response from you and are satisfied with the resolution provided. Check out the range of services covered by our Email Support Service:

Customer support

Customer support covers resolving all customer issues and answering queries regarding various aspects of your product or service

Order tracking & fulfillment

In cases or e-commerce sites, you need to stay connected with your customers via mail to ensure the fulfillment of their order. Not just that, but also assist in the tracking of the shipment as well.

Technical Support

Email plays a vital role in providing technical support or assistance to your customers. Customers can be guided through step by step troubleshooting procedure that can be sent to them via email for them to follow as per their convenience.

Escalation Management

Our email support helps resolve customer escalation issues and provide them with a resolution that will delight them and help you retain unhappy customers.

Data Entry Support

n order to focus on their core competencies and functions, businesses have started to outsource their data entry and other backend functions to BPO companies. It is crucial to the functioning of every organization that these services are carried out in a timely and accurate manner.

We at Netgains provide you with 100% error free data entry service. We cover multiple formats like PDF, HTML, XML etc. Below are some of the Data Entry Services we provide:

E-Book data entry service

We work with publishers for eBook conversions as well as handle data entry.

Online data entry service

Our team works around the clock as per your timing to provide real-time data entry service customized to your needs.

Offline data entry service

We have the capability to handle data by large volumes and deliver it in a timely manner.

Catalog data entry services

We perform data entry for catalogs of various products across multiple industries.

Data entry for e-commerce sites

Data entry of products updates of various e-commerce companies across a wide range of products.