24 20 Apr, 2016
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WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. It is quiet easy to create your website, blog, or app by using this brilliant framework at any time. With the release of WordPress 4.5 named for jazz musician Coleman Hawkins (nicknamed Hawk and sometimes “Bean”) one can enjoy the new features of this software and also improve publishing experience with an ease. By updating the WordPress 4.5 new version developers can develop and design their websites seamlessly.

Here are the top 10 features of WordPress 4.5 :

In-line link editor for Hyperlinks: Currently you have to include lots of hyperlinks if you write any blog post for your website or blog. When you press CTRL+K to insert a link in the post it opens a pop-up window where you fill the link detail. But in WordPress 4.5 if you press CTRL+K there will be appear an in-line box where you can easily write the link related information rather than moving to main editing window. This feature also provides the preview for inserted link.

In-line editing and formatting: WordPress 4.5 provides the best In-line editing and formatting feature for editing purposes. Now without lifting your fingers from the keyboard you can do most of the editing by using this helpful feature. For example, if you want to start a Heading 2 section you can just start it by using ## sign.

Login with your registered email: Earlier when you had to open your WordPress, login username was compulsory to use this software. But now, you can also sign in with your registered email id as well as username.

Same comments appear on dashboard: Logged in after your WordPress account, now you can check all the comments under comments section and they will be show as the way they are showing in your blog or website.

Website logo: Now WordPress theme doesn’t matter if you are going to insert your website or blog logo in WordPress. After updating your WordPress to 4.5, you can do it by using the default WordPress interface.

Live preview of website: Nowadays people don’t use just computers or laptops, they also use the tablet pcs and smartphones to browse any website or blog. But now if you’re customizing your website there is a function of live preview by which you can see the live preview of your website on your WordPress dashboard.

Image improvement: WordPress 4.5 comes with the best image improvement feature which will improve your images to such an extent that it will almost reduce their size by 50%.

Selective Request: This is the feature by which you can see the live changes of your blog or website in the customization section.

Embedded templates: One more feature of WordPress 4.5 is, now you can also customize embedded templates.

Updated JavaScript: WordPress also improved the JavaScript script loader, PHP code and some other codes for faster and efficient loading websites & blogs.

WordPress 4.5 not only include lot of code improvement and bug fixes but there is developer related improvements also, like embed templates, Script Loader, new WP_site class and selective refresh. It also put attention towards the responsive part of a website design and overall performance.

WordPress 4.5 is still in development so use a local installation for testing in order to avoid bugs. For more information on WordPress Development feel free to drop us an email at biz@netgains.org.

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