1 17 Apr, 2014
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Wow! Something didn’t work quiet right at 3.8.2 because of which the 3.8.3 was released less than a week after. But guess what this is the first time since the creation of a wonderful platform “WordPress” there has been 3 consecutive updates from WP in a single month. View the version control here.

With the latest release WordPress 3.9 brings slew of “refinements” to the new stable version named ‘Smith’ in honor of African-American jazz musician Jimmy Smith. The latest WP 3.9 has got – improved image editing, updated visual editor, better Gallery View and many more. It is supposed to provide users with better understanding on how their content will appear live before it is saved.

What’s new in Latest WordPress Version 3.9?

Well the answer is simple… Better Media Editing Experience

Enhanced Visual Editing

The updated visual editor provides better speed, accessibility and mobile support. Now you do not have to be bothered to clean up the styling after pasting content.

Easy Image Edit

Image edit made easy with quicker access to crop or rotation tools, now images can be edited within the posts and can be scaled directly in editor.

Drag Drop Images

Uploading images made easier than ever, all you need to do is to drag and drop those images from your desktop to the editor and you are done.

Beautiful Gallery Preview

Beauty is at display, now you can view a fine-looking grid of images even in your editor, as they appear in your published live post.

New audio and video playlist

As you have galleries for image, now you are provided with a simple audio and video playlists, so you can easily showcase your music and video clips.

Live widget and header previews and theme browser

Add edit and rearrange widgets within theme customize, preview these changes live and save them only when you are ready. Headers can be managed while customizing theme. Looking for new theme is easy and fun, now you can find any number of WordPress themes through theme browser.

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