3 30 Aug, 2014
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We all are aware of the fact that Google is introducing new products and services to provide their user best searching experience. One of the well-known features of Google is Authorship.

You have also come up with this expressions Authorship, so what is it? What were its benefits?

Let’s have a quick look on Google Authorship. This is the way by which one can connect their content with his/her Google+ profile. This can be achieved by adding “rel=author” tag with Google+ profile link in website. When your website is verified with Authorship you have seen following author information in the search engine result pages that is name of author, photo number of friends/people in their circles and more by this author.

As we know authorship verified website contains images and author name in search results. So, what benefits Authorship give to our business?

  • Here are some of the advantages.
  • Enhance business by sending traffic to your blog/website.
  • Personal Brand promotion is easy.
  • Improve website’s click through rate (CTR).

Now you are aware of Authorship & their significances. But what’s next. Google has recently made changes in its functionality and dropped authorship from search results as well as from webmasters tools.

In late June author pic was removed from the search results but byline (i.e. author name) was visible. Users can still show picture of owner in SERP (search engine result pages) when they are logged in with their Google account.

In present scenario Google has removed author name from the search results. Furthermore, Author Stats has also deleted from Webmaster tools.

Now you will be curious to know why Google has ended Authorship.

Yes!! Then here are some of the reasons:-

  • According to researches, people find authorship difficult to implement.
  • When compared search results with or without author snippet very little difference in clicks are revealed.

Rather than Authorship Google has another feature that you can use to show brand/company logo in search result. This characteristic is termed as Publisher. “Rel=publisher” tag should be linked to Google + business page. By using this tag you will be able to view different advantages in search engine result pages such as company’s name, logo as well as other business information.


Moreover, Google has official announced end of authorship but it may not affect clicks in SERP as most of the traffic came from mobile device.

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