Today Internet is becoming more & more popular in all generations from school kids to business men. When we have any query, doubt or anything else we give Internet our first preference to get quick answer for all of our questions.

By browsing Internet you have also come up with some most common terminology such as page load time, site speed, and design. So what exactly does it mean? Don’t have any idea? Want to know about it? Yes!!

What is Site Speed?

Site speed/page loading time is the amount of time that a site/webpage take to loads when we open it. If your website takes more than 3-4 seconds to load then there is a possibility that you can lose 35-40% of website visitors. Because no one can wait for such a long time for any webpage to load.

Google also consider site speed is one of the important factor to rank any keyword/website high in search engine result pages (SERP) because they want to give best user experience.

Factors That Increase Site Speed

Following are some factors that we need to consider when going to optimize website speed:-

  1. Optimize images for website: – If your website contains more images with sizes 150k then you need to optimize image size to 15-30k. Also dimension of all images should be 220 by 220.

  2. Minimize Plugins Usage: – Plugins also increase page load time. It is recommended do not put all plugins in home page instead of this you can use 4-5 important plugins and rest of the plugins should be removed from home page.

  3. Minify CSS File & External Javascript: – This is another factor that increase website loading time. If you have more CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) & JavaScript’s files in website then keeping them in one style.css file is better option.

  4. Pre-load Images With Effective Cache Plugin:- It’s a good idea to pre-load image in user’s cache before whole website is downloaded as image takes usually more time to load. One can use cache plugin for pre-image loading.

  5. Use an Excellent Host:- If you are not using good website host then this is also one of the reason that you are lacking with good site speed. So, it is preferable to change your website with good host.

All above factor can helps to increase website speed if optimize properly.

What is Responsive Design?

You may have heard about responsive and mobile websites. But do you know what the main difference between these two terms? No, then responsive design means you have only one website and you set it’s resolution or size for various devices such as desktops, laptops or mobile phones.Whereas mobile website means you have two different websites one for mobile phones and another for PCs.

Both designs have their advantages and disadvantages. But responsive designs are more preferable over mobile designs as you have to handle only one website.

Now, next question that comes in our mind is what is more important Site Speed or Responsive Web Design?

Although, usage of smartphones are increasing day by day so it’s better to have website designs that are mobile friendly. But if you don’t want to manage different websites then responsive design is best as you have to manage only one website.

May be in future responsive designs may get replaced with any other technology but for the website most important factor is speed. User can use any device such as desktop, tablets, mobile phones or anything else but what they want is site speed.

Tools For Checking Site Speed

There are various tools available online to check speed of website. Some of the most popular tools are PageSpeed Insights & Pingdom.


If your website offers finest user experience with quick loading time as well as good design then you would be able to get rank higher in SERP, grab more visitors which in turns increase your conversion and sales.

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