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Page Authority is a metric which tells you how well your single webpage is likely to rank on the search engine results. It would give a ballpark figure for the ranking strength of a given webpage. Page Authority would take into consideration only those variables which affects that page. For e.g. Number of backlinks to that page, Page load time, semantic HTML5 markup, PageRank, external links and many more.

Besides other important matrices like Page Domain Authority and bounce rate, Page authority is a great metric to see your webpage’s progress over a period of time. It is generally weighed on algorithmic scale of 100 where a higher page authority would mean a greater chance of your page showing up on search engines.

How can I check my Page Authority?

Well there are number of tools available on the web which would help you know your Page Authority. Some of these tools are:

  • Open site explorer
  • MOZ trust
  • Moonsy
  • SEO Review Tools

What all factors are taken into consideration while evaluating Page Authority?

Since the Algorithm is always kept discreet, we don’t know the code. But we can try to decipher it with the help our years of experience, observation and experiments. Some of the probable factors are:

  • Domain Age
  • External Links
  • Anchor text Optimization
  • PageRank
  • Page Load Time
  • W3C Validity
  • Content and Image optimization
  • Social Media Presence

In the end I would say you should always do a comparative metric analysis for both Page Authority v/s Domain Authority to know which pages/sites may have more powerful/important link profiles than another.

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