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In order for your website to rank for quite a number of keywords which you want to target, it’s necessary to have a good page rank (authority plus importance) in all the pages and not just the homepage. This phenomenon/principal is known as deep linking.

Deep linking is a simple process of using a hyperlink to link to a specific page, generally to a page of value, content and traffic and not the Home Page. The links here refer to the hyperlinks linking in to the depth of your site’s hierarchical architecture which includes your parent and child pages

Should internal pages have more inbound links than the homepage?

Yes! The simple logic behind is your homepage cannot always cater to all the queries and keywords a website need to target. Hence in order to target your keywords with relevant information deep linking is a great technique.

Generally the number of inbound links to your internal pages should be 3 times the links on your homepage. But actually it’s the opposite.

Some of the reasons why you should go for deep linking.

  • Your homepage can’t rank for every keyword you want to target.
  • Increases your site and page authority. Just back linking your homepage with inbound links would not only be futile, also might prove inimical to your website.
  • Since search engine bots looks at your entire website for checking, authority chances are that the low authority internal pages might bring down your home page too.
  • Also for a simple reason that you cannot target your homepage for every keyword you want to rank.
  • It increases you website niche pages to get traffic and visibility.

Deep linking is not a rocket science, it just has to be done with a good knack. I will share here with you some of the tactical techniques in which you can do deep linking.

Techniques on How To Do Deep Linking

  • Use your email signatures : Tactically. Instead of giving a url to your homepage, give a link to your just posted blog, or news you want to share or any internal page which would be informative and bring traffic
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Commenting
  • Guests posts
  • Article Syndication
  • Blog Submission
  • Social Networking sites

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