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Track your Social and Business Network

Social and Business networking are showing the power of their tremendous ROI and emerging as a new platform that works as mouth to mouth platform. Growth of Social and Business network attracted the marketers to define the social & business network goals & track where we are at achieving the end goal.

We are continuously working on strengthening our company appearance on social network (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Foursquare etc) so we can gain benefit from social horizons too. While we are working on strategic planning of our efforts on social media, we need to pin down the question “How can I track the results of social network?”

So we started exploring the Google Analytics account to figure out how can we track the visitor more efficiently looking at the Goals we laid out above, we are generating through efforts on social & business network. After doing 2 hours of brainstorming we came to the internal conclusion finally, not sure 100% right but we will take a dip and see how successful we come out.

We used the advanced segments in GA to figure out the traffic we are getting from social & business network websites. Following are the steps which we did to setup tracking system for social and business networking.

We think this might help your business also hence we are putting this in simple steps below

1. Please login on Google Analytics with your Gmail account

2. Go to dashboard

3. Here is two way to reach on advanced segments link

a. On your dashboard you can see Advance Segments link as shown below (outlined in red)

google analytics

b. On the right hand side of your Google analytics dashboard there is link called “All visits”, please click on this link and then you will find following screen. Click on “Create a new advanced segment”

Now I hope you have clicked on advance segment link and you are on following screen, if yes then please click on +create new segments

Once you click on create new custom segment, you will be redirected to create custom segment page, from here you can finally start defining the parameters that will track the visitors from social and business network. Now you have reached here

Click on traffic source and then drag & drop source on arrow marked area (dimension and metrics will be written in this box) then type the web address for you want to track visitors, follow this process other social networking website for which you want to track. Once you finish adding websites then test your segment by clicking on “Test Segment” (See image below), this will give you number of visits you have received from these websites and then you can define the name of segment.

You have successfully created the social and business tracking system for your website. Click on “All visits” and check social and business network traffic on your website

Any questions please feel free to email us at seo@netgains.org

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