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Are you a website owner? Want to know from where you are getting more visitors? But don’t know how to track traffic?

If yes, then here is the solution for you. There are various free tools such as Google Analytics, Alexa, Clicky etc. available on Internet which help you to know your website’s visitors, what user’s like most in your website, top Keywords, bounce rate, visitor’s country and much more.

Here is the list of top 5 most popular analytic tools with their features that help you to track your website’s traffic:-

  1. Google Analytics

This is a most common tools which is used to check website traffic. Once you verify your website in Google Analytics and install this script in your website, GA starts crawling your website’s user data.


  • You can check user’s country, city as well as browser whether they are using web or mobile browser. Percentage of unique and new visitors are also calculated.
  • You can also track website’s Bounce rate (user’s leaving website on same webpage without checking other website pages), exit page, landing page etc.
  • This tool also offer you following facility to check such as which page is most popular, what key phrases users are searching, social media traffic, direct traffic and referral traffic as well.
  • You can also synchronize your Webmaster account with GA to check different website’s aspect.
  1. Alexa.com

This tools offer you facility to check website traffic statics in two ways i.e. verify your website through Alexa’s tracking code and install it in your website or check statics normally by inserting website URL in Alexa search box.


  • This tool help you to know your website’s global as well as local rank.
  • You can check backlinks and related website data.
  • Bounce rate, page views and user’s time spent on website are also accessible.
  • You can also track gender (male or female), user’s education and location (i.e. home, school or work) that browses our website.
  1. Clicky.com

You can track your visitor’s data after verifying your website through clicky.com. This tools offer you facility to track website stats free for 30 days after that you have to move for premium option.


  • You can use visitor’s activity log (ip address, location, organization, platform), engagement time and traffic sources.
  • Also helps to check Site Loading time, content popularity and events on website.
  • You can also get keyword ranking.
  1. Nltechno.com

Again a good website to track visitor’s accessing graph. You have to install this script in your website then you would be able to track user. This tool show data in graphical manner which gives easy understanding.


  • You can track visitors by country and ip addresses.
  • How many time website’s image/content is viewed.
  • You can also track which robot has viewed your website, how many times, on which day as well as at what time is also obtainable.
  • Number of visitors, unique page views, day wise page visit are also checked.
  1. Quantcast.com

Another analytic tool to track visitor’s graph.


  • Age wise visitor’s information can be tracked by this tool.
  • You can compare your website with other website and track information.
  • Also help you to know which user accessing website through which device.

These are few tools that track your website visitor’s. You can use one or all above tools to enhance your business by knowing what your customer’s like/search most in your website. But if you want to use just one of them than we will recommend Google analytic the one of the most using and powerful tool.

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