This morning I was going through an Indian Real Estate Website, its substandard user-experience left me absolutely unsatisfied. Next, I clicked on , its run by a US based company and it lures at least 9 million visitors per month. It provides worthy information regarding buying, selling, remodeling and financing of real estate. Apart from houses on sale, the site’s database contains vast information about 92 million houses across the US. The user experience at was so overwhelming that it made me wonder why Indian Real Estate Websites provide such poor information and experience to the potential home buyers.

Automagical Real Estate Search Tools

In comparison to the present market leaders for Real Estate search-,, and Yahoo Real Estate – Indian Real Estate Websites like lack a lot of tools and widgets. Probably, this is why Indian Property Websites give its users a hard time searching important property details. Again coming back to zillow, I want to point out that it offers amazing Real Estate Widgets, tools and application such as Make Me Move, Zillow iPhone Application, Database: which you can ingrain in your website, Zestimate: which gives you an estimate of a house in a particular area and Badges. With so many hi-tech and user-friendly widgets and tools, users are sure to get ultimate information and experience and this USP of zillow has made it one of the topmost Real Estate Websites.

Make your Real Estate Website a Tool of Lead Generation

I am talking about all these applications and tools because Internet is an extremely potent medium but mostly real estate agents in India do not use it optimally. An influential web presence can become an effective tool of Lead Generation. You can add various features to your website to generate an imposing web presence. You can attract unique traffic on your site by embedding features that make your site interesting as well as usable. One such impressive feature is Google Maps. Google, lately, proclaimed further development of Real Estate Listings on its Google Maps. Andrew Foster (product managers of Google Maps) said Google’s in-house research divulged that a majority of world’s population uses Internet to search for a suitable house. Thus, Google Maps can effectively and radically boost up Real Estate Search.

I think we can expect such hi-tech widgets functioning in India only if Indian realtors pledge to learn some quality lessons from big players of western Real Estate Industry. It’s an age of technology and so, it is imperative to change your business plans depending on the availability of newer innovations.

Use Google Tools to Draw Traffic

Google has made the Real Estate Search easier and more informative than before. Over the years, Google has introduced a range of tools that help in gathering vital information on web about all aspects of real estate.

These tools include:

• Google maps with voice search

Google streetviews

Layers : Layers include the following

1. Geographic web : Wikipedia and Panoramio integration

2. Roads

3. 3D Buildings

4. Boarders and Labels

5. Traffic

6. Weather

Related features to enhance Real Estate Search:

1. Bhuvan: Bhuvan lets users survey and visualize 2D & 3D image data beside providing rich thematic information about the surroundings.

2. Web mapping

3. Geoweb

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