Today most of the users are addicted to Smartphones, with the new technology roll-out every few months the demand for super smartphones (specially the smart apps) is always there. Even the developers are on the run to create most intuitive apps to keep the number of followers increasing day by day.

From what I have learnt, most of the users like to spend more time on neat apps which are sticky or addictive in nature. I though of sharing the same with my team members here at Netgains, which further might interest the public eye (below numbers are not in any specific order):


1. Whats App: This is a popular smartphone app where I can text, share pictures/videos/audios (without spending a dime), use messenger, group chat with friends. Try to use it and let me know…


2. Google Maps: A must have app for smartphone users. Get detail navigation, store personal location (fav.), get route/direction, traffic conditions and much more with this intuitive app from the very own Google.


3. TED: This app let you listen to what the brightest minds are talking about. Talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends. This is one of my most used app..


4. Chrome: I spend 4 hrs a day on my smartphone out of which 3 hours I have my Chrome open. So this is a must app as Chrome lets you search and browse must fast. If you are a user of smartphone or tablet Chrome is a must-have. Why: It’s slick, fast and can sync your browsing history, including open tabs, across devices.


5. Instagram: One of the creative apps which lets me share my pictures/images instantly with already built-in effects provided in this app. Try it out or go to to download the latest version of this smartphone app.


6. Angry Birds: Highly addictive game to any user, be a kid or grown up. Every user like to play this smartphone game.


7. Any do:  Things can go haywire sometimes, especially on weekends when you have loads of things to accomplish and your mind cant seem to retain and remember everything. Well, today is the age of smart people, smart phones and smart applications. Any do is just like that.  A family of apps designed to help you have a good day, every day: interesting, productive, well-balanced & fun.


8. Talking Tom: The crazy cat is a household member these days. Mimicking you on every thing you say through its voice modulation technology. Haven’t you talked to tom yet ?

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