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Facebook has rolled out a revamp profile feature called Timeline that makes a user’s entire history of photos, links and other things ever shared on Facebook accessible through the timelines

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, described it as a way to get a more comprehensive portrait of someone than by simply reading updates or looking at a profile picture. Right now I can’t say whether it’s a good step or not which help tell the story of your life.

The old Facebook profile page shows the most recent items users have posted, along with things like photos of them posted by others. But it seems Timeline creates a scrapbook like medley, assembling photos, links and updates for each month and year since they signed up for Facebook. Facebook made his analytical tool strong so that it can bring your history, starting from the first day you signed up in this social network, now your friends can pretty easily get all updates about what you did in your early days or in any specific month on facebook

How to get timeline profile: You can have timelines activated on your facebook page by two different ways.

Through Notification: You’ll see a notification at the top of your page, inviting you to set it up. If you didn’t receive one till now, then you can go second option:

Second option:

Go to page TIMELINE where you will have sneak peak to how your profile will look alike when you switch to timeline view of your profile and at the right bottom of this page you will have the link to apply timeline view to your profile.

Getting live on timeline: When you upgrade your profile to timeline, you will have 7 days to customize everything that appears on your new revamped TIMELINE profile before anyone else sees this. You can also choose to publish your timeline at any time during the review period

What to feature and what to hide?: When you air your new profile, everything: posts, videos, photos, links will be on your profile. You can customize what to show and what not to.

Ex:- When you walk around your timeline, you see stories that you want to feature, like your wedding day or the day you get your first salary, your wicked stuff () that you want to remove or hide from your timeline. To air story on your new profile, go to the story and click the pencil to hide, delete or edit a post. More over you can set your privacy dropdown setting to customize who can see your post.

If you don’t want to switch to Timeline view?
: Please don’t click on link which I provided above but I heard the news the, at some point, all profiles will automatically switched to the new look, though I could’t find any official announcement when they switch all profiles to new look but I suppose they will roll out to every profile very soon.

And then there will be no switching back to your old simple facebook profile, which our old citizens can also update easily…All I have to say bye bye to old look of facebook by my choice or facebook wish

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