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Rich snippets are the extra piece of information which sometimes appear under the search results for a particular category of content. For e.g. reviews for a restaurant, ratings for a product, photo for a person, listing for an album and much more.

Rich snippets increases the relevance of the result by showing more than just title and description. Showing information what users are looking for would help increase click- rate and eventually traffic.


For implementing rich snippets to your web pages you do not need any in-depth technical know-how, just the basic HTML would suffice.

Google generally supports three formats:

• Microdata (recommended)
• Microformats
• RDFa

Google supports rich snippets for these content types

• Author Snippets
• Businesses and organizations
• Events
• People
• Reviews
• Video
• Music & Albums
• Products
• Recipes

Here is an example showing basic information about me with micro data:

About Me with Rich Snippet

Following you can see all rich snippets with screenshots

Review Snippets

Rating code (Rating: <span class=”rating”>4.5</span>)

You have already seen a lots of examples of snippets that have 4 – 5 stars ratings included. But you can also set up a snippet with review and price ranges portion.


Author Snippets

We can use the following things in author snippets

  • The author’s picture as it appears on Google+
  • The author’s name
  • Google+ followers
  • Links to more articles by that author


Business and Organization Snippets

A rich snippet for business or organization can include location information, price ranges, contact information, customer reviews and hours, if there are any available.


Event Snippets

In Event snippets we can include the location, date, and time of the event. If there are more than one option for the events, up to three will be displayed.


People Snippets

A rich Snippet about people displays information such as a person’s job title, company name and location. It can also display a photo, nickname, Google+ followers and more.

People snippets are different than author snippets. Following you can see the difference with an example.


Video Snippets

In video snippets, if you want a thumbnail of a video to display next to your search listing, the markup works a little different. Google recognizes the Facebook Share markup code, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Video - Rich Snippets

Music Album Snippets

A rich snippet about music album will display links to individual songs in an album with lyrics to the song if available.

Music Album- Rich Snippet

Product Snippets

In a Product rich snippets will display a picture of a product, price range and ratings of the product.

Product - Rich Snippet

Recipe Snippets

A rich snippets about recipe provide additional information about a specific cooking recipe, like ratings, cook/prep time, and calorie information.

In order to qualify as a recipe, you must have at least two of the following tags in place:

  • A image of the dish
  • Tag: prep time, cook time, total time, or ingredients
  • Review
  • Calories

Recipe - Rich Snippet

So here you go with the detailed information about how important is using rich snippet. Add the rich snippet in your website which in return increase your domain authority and Google authorship.

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