This is my first blog post for our official website and I am really excited to see how visitor takes my debut post, whether I can be able to meet their expectations or get clean bold, let’s see how much I can connect with our visitors. As being in business development department I go through the 100’s of queries per month and 50% percent age for iPhone and Android (Some for both Android and iPhone platform) application. Most of effort goes in just understand their app idea (Many of them are not having clear concept and lacks information they should have) and how we can turn their idea into successfully working iPhone application. I would like to share some key ingredients that your application must have to become successful one.
Let’s begin with mine simple 7 steps to successful Smart Phone Application.
1. What’s your idea/concept?: IDEA, most important and powerful word of human dictionary. It is the key ingredient that moves you forward so before trying hands in app world you should have really good idea and solid reason behind that idea, reason is as important as idea itself.

2. App Market Research (Unique Idea or come from already developed App) – – This step should be very first step right after Idea struck in your mind, check out that your idea is UNIQUE or just replicated the idea of other (inspiration is different thing), I always weigh on doing unique things if you can do.

If your idea is still unique then praise yourself and get some drinks on table (Hey drinking is not a good habit so dump that idea) & be ready to quickly roll over the things. If you are going with unique ides then if you are not lucky to have the unique idea in first attempt then dig dipper in your mind and find new idea or go with the semi fresh idea. If you are going with semi fresh idea then find what is good in your idea & why your application will do better than your competitor application. If you are confident that your idea is more effective than the existing application idea so it is time to go get going on the road of application.If you are planning this application to handle your company purpose or just for yourself then the market research is not for you.
3. How your application work:- It is really good to have the good idea but the idea will not be effective and game changer if it is not really working for people. This is important to keep in mind that your app must solve unique problem or serve to specific needs or entertain people being funny or making something better then existing. Your application should be easy, effective and off course right on target. Let me give you one example.
We are about to launch the iPhone application called wastedbeerpong it’s all about the task. This application will give you various task when you are playing the Beer Pong game in real world.

We can design the application that can provide the whole console to play game in iPhone or Android but the beauty of the game when we play it in real world (Beer Shots, Excitement and much more, this application will be available in iPhone Store soon)
4. Who is going to build your application:- You have the idea, application work flow and now what you need is a good developer or developer team. You have three option to choose from
a. Company
b. Freelancer
c. In-house resource
a. Company:- My vote will definitely go for company not just because I am working in such a good company but I have really good reason to say so company have pool of programmers, project managers and having the infrastructure to test your application on various mobile models and sometime most importantly they are having the business development manager who knows how the business runs so their comments can be sometime crucial for clients.
b. Freelancer:– Freelancer can also be good as a developer of your application. If you hire any freelancer they can do your application in just 70% of company quote or even lesser but something they lacks that they are just developers, don’t really having business with your success or failure, absence of app marketing team, and not having good team to handle the big projects. More over most of the freelancers are working on multiple project independently and they always are late with project deliverables & timelines and the quality of code is not that exceptional due to the rush jobs.
c. In-house team:- You can hire 1 programmer, 1 designer, 1 marketing specialist and your in-house team is ready to rock the development party. It can go heavy on your pocket but you can see what they are doing and how things taking shape, you can instantly guide the development team about your tweeks and turns in application.
5. Who will be your target audience:- Your developers has done the job and turned your idea into working application, its time to take a deep breath and start once again. Now finalize your target market, I hope you already have some target audience for your application right from inception of idea.
6. How will you market your application:- When you have your target audience then the question arise is that “how will you market the application”. You can take this decision or marketing company or both can take this decision. Following are major way to promote the app
a. Website
b. Advertisement PPC/Ads
c. Social Media
d. Email Newsletter
a. Website:- You can build separate website for your application and describe all things user can get on your application and do SEO also.
b. Advertisement PPC/Ads:– You can do advertisement on gaming website, facebook, twitter and many more interesting places. You can also do PPC to promote your website (Developed for application and from there user can get some details about app)
c. Social Media:- Social Media 2011 also all about social media and this can be game changer strategy if used right well for app. This platform can be fuel to your rocket engine fitted application, so use it and use it correctly
d. Email Newsletter:- I never personally tried this but email newsletter can be good way to promote your application
7. Result Evaluation:- You have done all you can do now its result time. Two simple things that will evaluate your success.
a. Total Downloads
b. User Reviews
1. Love
11. Hate
a. Total Downloads:- How many time your application has been downloaded, if your application has been recovered the 60% of your investment in starting six or so months it means your are successful and number will go up up and up.
b. User Reviews:– User reviews are also important to determine whether you are on a long run or it is time to some adjustments in app concept.
i. Love – If love-percentage of your application is almost 80% then your idea is really good and you don’t necessarily need to change anything in application, if you go for 99.99% love relationship then it is not less than best.
ii. Hate– If your Hate percentage 40% or over then your idea has really missed out something, find it and give it to user to check out and give their reviews. You can give some discount to old user to download new version at some discount so they don’t feel cheated.
Version 2 OR New Concept:- If your application doing good then it is the best time give some sweet after the lunch of good application, add some more twist and turn in application and make it more interesting but not go oversized.If your app not doing good please drop that application and start again, I am sure you learnt lot from last experience & now your application will definitely going to be huge successful.Hoping I have conveyed what I like to convey!!!

Good night!!!

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