iPhone applications accelerate and improve your Smartphone- to learn more about the iPhone application development and in which ways your iPhone can be improved, read the following blog! By- Manuela Majorek, 23, Nov 2009

Operating Systems (OS)

An operating system is responsible for the Smartphone’s or the computer’s functions and conducts the execution of programs. The OS kernel administrates the hardware and basic programs which start the PC or the Smartphone or the PC and deal with its configuration.

Android is a mobile operating system with a Linux kernel, formerly developed by Google. Its functions include the transfer of a managed code in the Java language. Java libraries control it. Standing under the Apache license, an open source license, Android supports audio-, video-, media formats such as: MPEG 4 SP, MP3, MIDI, WAV, JPEG, etc.

Android includes:

1.Upload of Youtube Videos

2.A new software keyboard

3.Automatic connection to a Bluetooth headset

4.Screen Animation

5.Improved GoogleMaps

J2ME Development

J2ME (J2 Micro Edition) is a conversion of programming language for mobile phones. The Basis of Java ME is laid by configuration and profiles. One can use applications independently without the producer or the system. The applications are run separately.

The configurations employ libraries. The configurations can be CDC (Connected Device Configuration) or CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) when mobile phones are in focus. Belonging to a configuration, the profiles are the programmed interfaces

Windows Mobile is run by Microsoft and is assimilated to the desktop of Microsoft Windows. IT-companies or developers develop additional features and services for Windows Mobile purchasable via Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Windows Mobile includes:

1. Multitasking Ability

2. Internet Connection Sharing

3. Global Positioning System

4. Outlook Mobile

5. Office Mobile

6. Smart filter (Within searching programs)

7. Calendar


Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen)

Windows Mobile Standard (normal screens)

Windows Mobile Class (e.g. ‘Rapier’)

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