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iPhone applications accelerate and improve your Smartphone- to learn more about the iPhone application development and in which ways your iPhone can be improved, read the following blog! By- Manuela Majorek, 23, Nov 2009

A Smartphone is a mobile with extended functions and menus that are more comparable to a PC than to a cellphone. A standardized interface and includes features such as e-book, e-mail and Internet. It can work as an individual organiser, frequently including cameras or a touch screen. The Internet access allows watching videos and visiting websites which is very useful for flexible every-day business.
In 2008, the App Store was founded by Apple. Other IT-companies or developers develop Smartphone features that can be transferred to the iPod or the iPhone without a computer download. There had been 1 billion downloads in the end of April 2009.

iPhone Applications

iPhone Applications are now also offered by third parties being a very lucrative brand in industry. Outsourcing Apple iPhone development companies are able to develop all kinds of applications for the Smartphone such as navigation systems, organisers or calendars. The outsourcing of iPhone applications development leads to a booming industry branch. A great variety of individual solutions are the result and hence a greater choice of quality and price. For those who are willing to spend a little more, custom iPhone application development services are offered as well. It depends on the user’s patience and his will to explore the Internet in search of the right application for her or him The outsourcing of iPhone application development by third parties offer more possibilities and more individual solutions for the users.

1. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar via iPhone calendar application is a sharable tool which can be inserted in an already existing one, saving the already existing data.

2. iPhone Theme Icon

The iPhone Theme Icons are developed if you get bored of your old icons- just replace them by new ones! Individual, fresh icons can be developed for the iPhone menu according to the customer’s needs.

3. iPhone applications and software

The software development kit and our professional team provides you with individual iPhone application and software for your 3G iPhone such as mobile games or calendars, or software that assists you in accelerating the cellphone’s speed.

4. iPhone Game Development

Netgains’s services (a Mobile Phone development Company located in Spain) include: iPod and iPhone development. Also EA-Mobile develops iPod Touch games such as ‘Trivial Pursuit’, TETRIS and Need for Speed Undercover. They employ Core Imaging, Core Audio, Core Animation, AppleScript, Core Video or Core Graphics in order to assure the best quality and individual solutions.

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