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The war between the search engines and their SEO strategies continues! However, this time, it has only grown intense with Microsoft’s new search engine release, Bing.

Although released just over a year ago, Bing has successfully managed to power itself with 30% of the market share by following a few strategies. The search engine followed high profile advertisement campaigns and an agreement with Yahoo to power its rejuvenated Yahoo search. Bing also profited with some bad Google publicity which collectively contributed to the search engine’s fast growth in just a year’s time.

As a result, with the search engine’s growing market share, SEO experts have been working hard on testing the new algorithms of the search engine, trying to understand how and what factors it considers for ranking websites on the web. With every new testing, Bing is believed to be proving its standard in the search engine industry which is automatically diverting more traffic towards its services. Henceforth, learning about Bing and its services is now an extremely important factor for all SEO experts, web developers and designers.

Here is a quick guide on Bing and its SEO strategies that all SEO masters should be aware of when optimizing their web pages on Bing.

Bing SEO Official Resources

Updating visitors about its new releases and features is one of the most important factors for Bing. As a result, the search engine created a huge online community comprising of official forums and blogs that would keep its visitors informed about the search engine’s new ideas and strategies.

Bing’s webmaster tools

Apart from its expanding online community, Bing also released its Bing Webmaster tool box, similar to Google webmaster tools. However, with certain extra and interesting features, such as a more polished interface and successful “Audience Intelligence” metrics, Bing’s Webmaster tools prove its superiority for all website owners.

Bing SEO Vs Google SEO

Both Google and Bing are two different search engines, and also follow different strategies to rank their websites. The difference between these two Search Engines can be easily analyzed by a tool named Bingle.

The tool compares the search results of both, Bing and Google side by side, thus highlighting their differences together. An example of the tool has been mentioned here below.

Both search engines have secretive algorithms that they follow for their ranking systems. The result displays the homepage on top of both search engines due to its high rank, inbound links, exact match domain, etc. However, from here onwards, the differences between the two search engines begin. Below is a list of differences that you may come across when using the two search engines for your website.

  • Backlinks in Bing are less important: Comparison of the backlinks strategies in both the search engines show that the first page results in Bing have lesser number of backlinks as compared to those in Google.
  • Page Rank in Bing is less important: According to Google PageRank algorithm, only the top ranked websites appear on its first page results. On the contrary, websites with pageRank 2 or even PageRank1 appear on the top 10 result page of Bing. Hence, a Google based page ranking system will have less importance on Bing.
  • Fresh Content is less important: Google recently introduced its Caffeine update system that boosts all websites with better search engine rankings for their regularly posted fresh content. However, Bing being a new search engine doesn’t yet have the right indexing speed as Google which hence makes fresh web content quite irrelevant on the web.
  • More Flash content friendly: Google hates Flash, while Bing prefers webpages with flash animations.
  • Inbound anchor text is more important: Anchor text from good sources is just one factor that is important to both the search engines. However, according to the comparison made, Bing emphasizes more largely o the importance of anchor text.


<title>I love dogs</title>


The backlink to this page is:

<a href=”http://example.com”>Dogs love</a>

With this, Bing gives more importance to Backlinks.

  • Page authority is important in Bing: Usually, webpage authority is provided to only the top level domains, particularly the authoritative organizations like .edu, .gov, etc. The page authority of the domain also determined by the domain age and for Bing, page authority is a major factor.

Bing SEO tools

So, if you are planning to optimize your website on Bing, here are a few Bing SEO tools that can prove to be really helpful for your website’s ranking.

  • Internet Information Services SEO Toolkit (IIS): An effectual toolkit designed and released by Microsoft itself, the internet Information Services SEO Toolkit helps you boost your website’s SEO, hence ensuring it a top spot in the Bing ranking. The toolkit includes basic SEO services like website analysis, sitemaps, robots.txt removal, website index function, etc.
  • Bing Keyword tool: A free and widely used keyword checker released by WordStream, the Bing Keyword Tool helps its users find and select better keywords for their web pages.

With these new tools and updates, Bing now seems to be slowly catching up with search engine trends created by Google.

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