4 1 Sep, 2014
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We all are aware of the fact that Google are updating its algorithm on daily/weekly basis to provide best matched results of any searched queries with superior user’s experience on website. In this series of experiment, Google has announced one more news that is using HTTPS with website will now help website owner to rank keywords high in search engine result pages (SERP).

Now you are thing what is SSL & HTTPS, how it works to rank your website high in search engine?

If your answer is yes and you are looking for solution, then you are at correct place.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are two most commonly used protocol which provides security between machines operating over Internet. This protocol is basically used when one wants secure web browser and web server connection over Internet.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or Secure-HTTP(S-HTTP) or HTTP with SSL. As the name suggest it’s a protocol which provides you secure communication over a computer network on Internet. The main motive of HTTPS is to prevent man-in-the-middle-attack (also abbreviated MITM, in this process attackers make connection with the victim and shows them they are communicate with the correct person but actually whole communication is handled by attacker) and wiretapping (also known as telephone tapping which means third party monitors your phone calls over telephone or Internet).

How It Works?

This protocols encrypts data which works bi-directionally. Data is encrypted using Public and Private Keys.

Private Key contains secret password which is 1024 characters or long, only machine can read this information. This is the most important element of SSL as all encryption are done using this key. When private key is created certificates also generates public key.

Public Key also contains password which is 1024 characters. Data encrypted with private key can only be decrypted with public key and vice versa. So both keys are required to secure your data over Internet.

Now you are thinking what are the benefits of using https versus http?

Https has endless benefits over http. Some of the most important advantages are listed below:-

  • Https secure your sent and received data with the help of SSL while http sends data in plain text.
  • HTTPS connects on port 443, while HTTP is on port 80.
  • When website URL contains https it shows security certificate and makes your website more secure to use on the other hand http does not have any certificate.
  • Online credit card transactions is also safe in https.

As you know everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. Likewise https also have some limitations. These are:

  • Https are slower than http.
  • Https cannot prevent stealing confidential data from web pages that are already cached on browser.
  • Https sends small data packets size ranges from 4096 bytes to 8192 bytes.

Now you are aware of everything what https is, how it encrypts data, benefits, limitations etc. You were thinking how these factors will help you to rank keyword high in search engine result pages (SERP). Isn’t it?

Then Google has started giving preference to more secure website and want all website owners to move their website from http to https. In terms of ranking, initially it has very lightweight signal than high quality content in overall ranking algorithm. But in the coming few months this signal will be strength and results good keyword ranking in search engine results.

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