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As technology is advancing every day, phones are very quickly replacing PC/laptops. Today every household has multiple smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and HTC etc.

Phones are embedded with many new unique apps and features which makes finding/sharing things much easier. Yet you will be surprised to know that these smartphones can attract viruses/malwares causing reduce speed, information loss, data theft to name a few. These days SMS/MMS based malware are very common in various countries and India ranks 4th among the world to have maximum number of malwares in the world.

I would like to share some useful information regarding types of mobile malwares and how they affect your smartphone. Also know useful tips to find if your phone is affected by such virus & how to remove it.

What is Mobile or Smartphone malware/virus?

It’s malicious software that affects mobile phones and wireless embedded PDA specially programed to leak confidential data from your device.

A quick overview on types of mobile malwares:-

  1. Trojan horse: – This is a most common virus and requires user interaction to get activated. It is easily executable when any file is downloaded.
  2. Spyware: – Spyware is quite similar to a Trojan horse. In this users unwillingly install the app while installing something else. It gathers user’s personal information like images, Videos, call logs etc. without let them know.
  3. Email Malware: – These viruses embeds to your smartphone email. When you open infected emails this virus automatically execute in your phone and collect your personal data like call logs, images, videos etc. and send to hackers.
  4. Fake Android Apps: – There are various Fake Android Apps such as Slocker, Scientific Calculator, Advanced Barcode Scanner, Super Ringtone Maker etc. that are easily source of mobile infection.
  5. SMS Based Malware: – This malware is creating many problems to smartphone users by compromising their banking information and other personal details. This Virus directly embed into the phone that launches the software in the background and broadcast the device’s phone number, IDs and other confidential details when infected phones are rebooted.

How you can detect your handset is affected by virus?

A simple way to detect cell phone spyware is be on the lookout unusual occurrences like extremely slow processing of your phone, files getting delete automatically, calendar entries are removed, odd vibrations and beeping noises, camera turns on automatically and many more.

How you can protect your smartphone?

In order to protect your personal information from the rising tide of malicious mobile malwares, Stay connected with Netgains to get the latest smartphone security. Be alarmed if this happens on regular basis and get your phone checked out for spyware. Restore your phone’s operating system which should wipe spyware if you have a modern smartphone. However older phones might not have this functionality. Once you removed the spyware from your cell phone install an anti-spyware software to prevent the spyware re-occurring. Some popular anti-spyware software includes Commander Mobile anti-spyware, Zebra Virus Cleaner, Kaspersky anti-spyware, Avast: Mobile Security, AVG: antivirus, Antiy: AVL, and F-secure mobile anti-virus.

Following are a few Anti-spyware software which can help:

Commander Mobile Anti-Spyware:This anti-virus is very effective. It removes all harmful components by quick scan through memory card and your cell phone.

Zebra Virus Cleaner: Zebra Virus Cleaner for Zambian OS smart phone is the most effective that you can implement on your cell phone in order to protect your phone assaulted by malevolent programs. It can identify and destroys spywares, malwares, Lasso, Caber, Skulls and other viruses including Trojans and worms. Your personal information and files are secured by quick scan through Zebra Virus Cleaner. The main advantage of Zebra Virus Cleaner is that one can set the time to complete scan and update automatically.

Avast: Mobile Security: Avast mobile security gives you an option to block specific numbers from being call or send SMS. You can easily access protection status with home screen widget. Web shield also give warning if your browser tries to load any spyware-infected URLs. You can add a firewall to bock hackers if you have rooted your cell phone.

Kaspersky anti-spyware: Kaspersky anti-spyware features include key loggers malicious tools, detection and removal of viruses, Trojans, worms, detection and removal of rootkits. It provides call and text filters that allows you to receive the calls and text you want to receive. You can also block malicious websites and inspect URLs within received text messages. Kaspersky Security service provides instantaneous automatic updates. Kaspersky maintains a strict privacy protection that controls what one can access when they pick up your mobile phone.

Mobile anti-spywares help us to stay prepared from the malicious attacks that can virtually impair the system of mobile phones. While selecting anti-spyware software look for the one that support your device and operating system. Although anti-viruses may slow down your smartphone but it is beyond doubt the best protection.

Hope this was helpful. For more questions please feel free to reach us at biz@netgains.org

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