23 19 Jan, 2016
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Netgains feels proud to have recently launched http://www.surya-soft.com an online website that provides high-quality solutions for banks and corporations. Surya also provides services to help a wide range of organizations gain efficiency. The website layout is designed as a mobile friendly that allows user to easily access the content using mobile or tablets devices. An attractive call to action of contact us placed and stocked on every webpage of the site to direct user to the organization’s inquiry form as per updates provide by the latest version of WordPress.

About Surya-Soft

Surya-Soft provide software products and execution services for financial risk management of financial services industries and banks. Surya founded in 1999 till then they connected across 4 continents and worked successfully with more than 65 banks of corporate world, Surya provides treasury management products which are completely web based with shared facility. Moreover, they help organizations to reduce their operational costs and to manage their financial performance. They have great experience from working with the software companies and financial institutes.

While in the design phase Netgains creative designers built an advanced, innovative, reactive and user friendly layout by examine the specific target based on their software products vertical.

We also take care of some important factors like:

  • Site Speed
  • User interface & User Experience.
  • Security
  • UX – User Experience

Being top web design firm in India,  we have focused on the following facts:

  • A well user friendly and a responsive web design for the mobile internet users.
  • Attractive and useful sliders for user.
  • A great UX with thorough testing in multiple browsers for best user experience.
  • Faster browsing speed.

Being a leading WordPress development firm, we have made sure of the following items:

  • Used Latest WordPress
  • Menu Customization
  • Focused changes with multi-site.

For your next WordPress development kindly get in touch with us.

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