There’s a lot of buzz about progressive web apps from past few months. So, what exactly is progressive web apps (PWAs) and how are they meant to improve the online user experience?

To answer that first recall if you have ever visited a website on your mobile that says, “ADD TO YOUR HOME SCREEN? ” On clicking it, you’ll get an alert to downloaded an app on your home screen (without actually visiting any app store). Once you access the app, you can view all the app content even when there is low internet speed or in case you are offline.

Progressive web app

This primarily is what Progressive Web Apps or PWA does for your website.They are directly installed from web browsers and sit in our phone/browsers like the native apps. Though this is not a new technology, Google has laid out specifications for you to follow the best practices that make your web application work like a mobile phone app.

Baseline criteria of Progressive Web App PWA’s are:

There are three major baseline criteria that a PWA must posses that are

  • It must be SSL Secure i.e. the web app must be running on https://
  • Must Include Web App Manifest – It’s a kind of JSon app that contains meta information of the web app
  • Must Implement a Service Worker – They are event driven workers that run in the background & stores cache data so that PWA can work in offline mode

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Now here is how Progressive Web App Development (PWAs) can help you rank higher in SEO:

  • Fast: Respond to user interaction very fast hence its better for SEO rankings
  • Reliable: Using service workers, the web app should load instantly & give a reliable app experience to user, which is good for SEO
  • Engaging: Should feel like natural app on the device irrespective of the type of the device or browser choice of the user.
  • Stay up to date: Provide regular updated content to the users, thanks to update process of service worker.
  • Secure: In order to be a PWA, the web app must be served across a SSL secure https:// connection which is a big plus for SEO.
  • Easy Installation: Allows user to easily install the web app in just one click without worrying about visiting the app store.
  • Independent of connectivity: The web app must be able to work in low internet connection or work offline.
  • Responsive: The web app must look great on all device types irrespective of the device size
  • Must have an Icon: The web app must have an icon or in other words Logo that will be placed on the home screen of the user.

If these conditions are met, then your web app has increased chances of being placed on user’s home screen.

As the user interacts more with the web app & builds a relation with it, the more effective web app gets giving you full screen experience, push notifications & a great user experience even on the bad internet connection.

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